Saturday, May 24, 2003

How many times have we heard Daschle whine about the tax cut causing the return to deficits and calling Bush irresponsible for letting working Americans keep more of the money they earn. On my way to Missouri yesterday, I listened to Rush Limbaugh point out that the tax cut has decreased revenue by $50 billion, whereas new spending since Clinton's last budget is up $330 billion. What caused the deficit? It's the spending stupid! Again, Daschle resorts to misleading the nation, all for the sake of the Democrat party. Then there are those who wonder why we would need an ad campaign to hold Daschle accountable (see my post of Friday)? I doubt David Kranz will ever present the truth about the real cause of the deficit.

Here is part of what Rush had to say about Daschle:

"We've added almost $330 billion in new spending since Clinton's final budget! So when you hear Tom Daschle whining that tax cuts cause deficits in the audio link below, ask how a mere $50 billion in tax relief compares with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions in new spending. Ask yourself why Daschle and the states keep right on spending when the American people, say, "You know what? We can't afford to spend that much on the government, because we need the money at home."

Friday, May 23, 2003

There is a letter to the editor in today's Argus Leader, regarding Ad campaigns that are to hold Tom Daschle accountable, which poses this question:

"If Daschle is such an embarrassment, isn't the average South Dakotan smart enough to figure it out without the help of these two political activists?"

Answer: Yes, we are smart enough to figure it out, once we have the truth. But, for those(such as the author of the above mentioned letter), who get their news from the Argus Leader, are not getting the whole truth. There is a left bias at this paper that does not hold Daschle accountable.

Perhaps Daschle and the forces at the Argus Leader figure we are not smart enough to figure it out. But some of us have, and we are now speaking out.

Check out a 5/22/03 post at the South Dakota Polictics web site. There you will find a researched analysis of just how biased David Kranz really is. This web site gets Sibby's "Truth of the Day" award. The Deconstructing Kranz posts are outstanding.

Perhaps Mr. Zeeb should check out the Inside South Dakota web site.
The news archive has tons of stuff the Argus Leader doesn't cover.

Yes, South Dakotans are smart enough, but we must look beyond the left bias of the media. That is why Daschle will attack any campaign that is aimed at telling South Dakota the truth about his extreme left actions that I have found embarrassing and out of sync with most South Dakotans.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Looks like someone else agrees with me about Linda Daschle's lobbying.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

On Greg Belfrage's radio show today, Randell Beck, the executive editor of the Argus Leader, said they will not cover the lobbying efforts of Linda Daschle because she is not running for office. Spin, Spin, Spin. Mr. Belfrage needs to take some lessons from Bill O'Reilly.

David Kranz of the Argus Leader tried to make a big deal of the relationship between John Thune and Robert Regier and Paul Erickson. First, I would bet that the relationship between Tom and Linda Daschle is much stronger. Second, with the left's attack on Thune's lobbying, why wouldn't Linda's lobbying also be relevant to the left?

Maybe there is a secret relationship between David Kranz and Tom Daschle. The truth may be studied at the South Dakota Politics web site. It's time for the Argus Leader to come clean and be just as open as they expect the Sioux Falls Police Department to be.

I have sent a letter to the editor of the Argus Leader that mentions Linda Daschle's lobbying efforts. Will they print it unedited? Come back for the truth!
Rob Regier gets Sibby's "Truth of the Day" award for his column that was printed in the Argus Leader today. I would also like to thank the Argus Leader for printing the column.

Rob hit the nail on the head with his ending:"God save our country if publicly discussing a politician's record becomes a criminal act of malice, especially when pornography and flag burning are considered protected speech."

This is exactly what maybe happening to John Thune. I wonder if he is thinking twice about his vote in favor of the so-called Campaign Finance Reform law? This is what happens when conservatives fall into the trap of playing by rules created by the left.

The NRA knew better. They are now doing the job of representing its member's desire of protecting the 2nd amendment from it's enemies.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

David Kranz of the Argus Leader covered the announcement by Neal Tapio, who plans to form an exploratory committee for a possible bid for the Republican nomination for the U. S. Senate. Note that Kranz quoted me in the last paragraph. Thanks Dave! But why did you not report my point regarding the new campaign finance reform law. I believe that this law will make it harder for young talent to enter the fray without the full and unrestricted support of third parties. Whereas, the incumbent will have the media virtually anytime they would want public access. What ever happended to the First Amendment? Is this truth something the Argus doesn't want to make known to its readers? It doesn't appear the new campaign finance law has slowed down big money politics. Daschle is looking at a $10 million campaign. Good luck Neal. Based on the content of your announcement, you shouldn't need any luck in an even and fair race.
Linda McManus had a letter published in the Argus Leader today. Since this letter also ran in the Mitchell paper a few weeks ago, the letter violates the Argus Leader exclusivity policy. I have been writing numerous letters to the Argus over the last couple of years. Each time, they call and ask if I sent the letter to another paper. If I have, they won't print it. It doesn't appear that McManus cares about being truthful. Of course, what would you expect from a Daschle supporter.
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