Saturday, July 12, 2003

Daschle in "panic mode"
A Rapid City Journal report by Denise Ross includes this comment by Randy Frederick regarding Daschle's early campaign ads:

"He needs to run ads to give his career a little CPR. It's a pretty clear-cut case of damage control," South Dakota GOP chairman Randy Frederick said. "He's running the warm, fuzzy campaign ads, wrapping himself in anything that is popular because he's done himself political harm. These campaign ads are evidence that Daschle's ... in panic mode."

Friday, July 11, 2003

South Dakotans uninformed about Daschle
The Mitchell Daily Republic ran their own Op-ed today that ended with this conclusion:

"Today, it looks as though Daschle can have that Senate seat as long as he wants it."

This shows just how uniformed South Dakotans are regarding Tom Daschle, including the editorial staff of its newspapers. I just got done submitting this response to the editor of the MDR:

To the Editor of The Daily Republic:

Your 7/11/03 Our View column forgot to mention one major advantage Tom Daschle has in the upcoming 2004 Senate race. That advantage would be the media.

Example was your 7/9/03 page 3 Associated Press report on Daschle’s ethanol ads. Most of your readers were not aware that the story was very similar to a 7/8/03 story by David Kranz that ran in another paper.

David Kranz has a 20-year history of being under the gun for bias. During his 1983 departure from this paper as managing editor, he himself admitted there were allegations of bias. In 1990 both the New York Times and Roll Call reported allegations of bias toward Kranz regarding the Senate race between Larry Pressler and Ted Muenster.

So it should not be a surprise that the 7/8/03 Kranz report was biased in favor of Daschle, a close college associate of Kranz in the 1960’s. Specifically the report refers to a “fight” with “the oil companies who were opposed to us”. Here is the backdoor attack on President Bush. The bias is in what Kranz did not report…the 2002 visit of Bush to a South Dakota ethanol plant voicing his support.

Kranz report mentioned Daschle’s campaign manager Steve Hildebrand’s spin, “the advertising should not be considered partisan”. If that was true, then the ad should have mentioned Bush’s ethanol plant visit instead of the fight with oil companies. If the Kranz and AP story wasn’t biased it would have also included the Bush visit.

Your column also mentioned the bipartisan support for Daschle in South Dakoata due to his clout that brings home the bacon. What Kranz and this paper have not covered…is the South Dakotans who benefit the most financially on a per capita basis due to Daschle’s clout. They are Tom Daschle himself and his lobbyist wife Linda. After 25 years of Daschle in Washington, DC, South Dakota is still around 49th in everything…as the Daschle’s purchase a multi-million dollar home in Washington DC.

It’s time for a change and Daschle knows it. That is why he is running campaign ads so early. Even his clout among Democrats has diminished, as some have plans on Hillary Clinton becoming their new leader in the Senate.

It's time that the people of South Dakota hear the truth about Tom Daschle. That can't happen if the State's newspapers blindly take as gospel the AP stories that originate from the biased propaganda that is being written by the State's largest newspaper. Please...do your own research.
If Democrats are looking for a 2004 Presidential nominee that can live up to the standards of Bill Clinton, maybe the should recruit this guy.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

The 2004 Senate race and the truth about guns
In the 2002 South Dakota Senate race, Tony Dean endorsed the anti-gun Democratic candidate, Tim Johnson. Today, there is a WorldNetDaily column titled, “Democrats shy about guns? Analyst says candidates avoid discussion because it harms party”, that covers the gun control issue regarding the 2004 election cycle:

Leading candidates seeking the Democrat Party's presidential nomination in 2004 are shying away from public discussions of gun control because the issue is widely seen as a contributing factor in the loss of the White House and Congress in recent past elections, says a news analysis of the issue.

The NRA, who endorsed John Thune in 2002, made this comment in the above mentioned WorldNetDaily column:

"Our members are very savvy. They know the rhetoric doesn't match the record" of Democrats on the gun issue, Chris W. Cox, the National Rifle Association's chief lobbyist, told the paper.

As I have stated in previous posts…Tony Dean’s political rhetoric was covered by the Argus Leader, while the voting “record” of Tim Johnson was not. If fact I would not be surprised that there was a cabal that included the Tim Johnson campaign, David Kranz, and Tony Dean.

Tom Daschle’s record is even more anti-gun than Johnson’s. Will the gun owners of South Dakota see the truth about that record covered by the Argus Leader before the 2004 election day?

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Randell Beck on Pressler
On today's Argus on Air segment of Greg Belfrage's Straight Talk, the executive editor of the Argus Leader, Randell Beck, revealed that they endorsed Larry Pressler in 1996 for the South Dakota Senate seat.

Just three weeks ago, Randell Beck discredited Pressler for walking into a closet and not coming out in regard to the 1990 Senate race. I am confused. Why would a organization endorse a candidate in 1996 that they felt was incompetent in 1990. If Beck would stop his spinning, maybe we will see the true side of Pressler the Argus stands on. Because the allegations by Beck were false, as stated by Kristi Stewart Golden, and that Beck refused to answer a callers question regarding the Argus Leader not printing Kristi's Op-Ed...the truth may never come out of Randell Beck.
Does Tony Dean agree with the Daschle Ethanol mandate?
As Tom Daschle runs ads in South Dakota urging support for a Federal Government mandated ethanol use, Tony Dean posts this comment from Ron Gilmore of Fargo ND as the ethanol mandate relates to the wetlands:

Tony, after much research and study I have come to the conclusion that the new ethanol mandates will be the last straw that drains the wetlands in ND and SD. With the current farm bill and it's support of incentives to farm every available acre in order to receive the most compensation we will see a new increase in draining and tiling.

Gilmore later makes this statement:

We continue to see many from the farm states turn there[SIC] back on water quality for the sake of securing the farmers vote. We in turn as voters from these states continue to vote for them in the belief that they are helping rural America when in fact they are subsidizing the destruction of our water supply.

Here is a 2/23/03 post of Tony Dean’s regarding the wetlands:

The SD Corngrowers were one of the groups lobbying for wetland drainage.

Not that corngrowers are anti-conservation. Most aren't. But their leaders lead us to believe that they are anti-wetland.

But we in the northern states aren't a helluva lot better than our southern brethren who have become conservative Republicans in recent years, largely because of the GOP's "southern strategy," a thinly veiled racist movement. You'll read a lot about that too on some of the southern duck hunting websites.

The environmental extremists that hang with sportsman Tony Dean, for the sake of preserving wetlands for ducks, were lead into the Democrat party during the 2002 South Dakota Senate race as they endorsed Tim Johnson, the anti-gun Democratic Senator. As Tony Dean attacks Republicans as “racists”, a Democrat Senator of South Dakota is now promoting the corngrowers destruction of the prized wetlands. I bet the negave name-calling environemntal extremist Tony Dean never dreamt that politics could be so complicated.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

David Kranz is at it again
Today’s David Kranz political report in the Argus Leader was titled, “Early Daschle ad annoys Republicans”. The report included this detail about the upcoming ad:

The ad shows Daschle and others speaking. Daschle's message in part, says: "I've been fighting the ethanol fight now for 25 years. Originally, it was in large measure the oil companies who were opposed to us. So we've always had a struggle, but at the end of the day, we've always won those fights."

This ad is a back door attempt to turn the farmers of South Dakota against President Bush. That is why it includes the “oil companies who were opposed to us” and “those fights”. Why didn’t the headline say, “Republicans outraged by anti-Bush ads”?

Kranz could have mentioned that President Bush pledged his support for ethanol while visiting a plant in South Dakota. Instead Kranz prints this spin from Steve Hildebrand:

While the ad is paid for by the Daschle re-election organization, Steve Hildebrand, Daschle's campaign manager, says it should not be considered partisan.

Mr. Hildebrand, Mr. Kranz, the people of South Dakota…that is outright spin!

David Kranz is the front man in the Democrats strategy to turn the bipartisan issue of ethanol into a partisan sneak attack on Bush. At the same time, it puts a feather in Daschle’s hat. I should say “unbelievable”, but no…I seen this too many times out of the Argus Leader and David Kranz to be surprised by it.

Update: This Biased David Kranz piece was reprinted in today's Mitchell Daily Republic as an AP news story without any reference to Kranz as the source. Very troubling.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Argus Leader censoring letters on Daschle-Kranz relationship?
Kristi Golden, the former press secretary of Larry Pressler, submitted an editorial to the Argus Leader regarding the Daschle-Kranz controversy on 6/9/03. It was reduced to 500 words and resubmitted on 6/13/03. It was suppose to run on 6/22/03, but did not.

Kristi believes that this may have something to do with her rebuttal, on Greg Belfrage’s Straight Talk, to Randell Beck’s negative attacks on Larry Pressler during the 6/18/03 Argus on Air segment of Straight Talk.

Kristi sent an email to the Argus Leader last week, but got no response. In part she said:

I originally submitted the op-ed on June 9th. It is now July 1st. It is time for you to fish or cut bait. I would like a definitive answer today on whether the Argus is going to publish the piece and if so on what date.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I have had emails deleted without even looked at by Randell Beck. Now they are not printing editorials from readers who do cover the issue? So much for Randell Beck’s idea that the readers will hold the Argus Leader to a high standard. It’s the kind of spin that I have noticed all too frequently coming from the executive editor of the Argus Leader.There clearly is a cover up regarding the bias of David Kranz. Randell Beck refuses to offer full disclosure on the relationship of David Kranz and Tom Daschle.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

The Argus Leader continues the cover-up
Today’s column by Argus Leader executive editor Randell Beck contained correspondence from Argus Leader readers. You didn’t see my email to Randell Beck of 6/30/03 titled, “Linda Daschle’s Lobbying”, because it was deleted without being opened on 7/3/03. In it I provided a link to David Freddoso’s WorldNetDaily column titled, “Mrs. Daschle’s lucrative lobbying”. This point from the Freddoso column was not covered in the front page report of the 6/29/03 issue of the Argus Leader:

The income Mrs. Daschle ultimately derives from her clients also enters the Daschle family budget, improving Sen. Daschle's finances as he considers actions that will affect these clients. The exact amount Mrs. Daschle earns from her lobbying activities remains unknown, since the senator told Human Events he will not make their joint tax return public.

This point was again not discussed by the Argus Leader’s editorial board in today’s editorial, which instead downplayed the seriousness of the Linda Daschle lobbying issue:

We all know Washington, D.C., is filled with incestuous relationships. People move back and forth, from government to private business, elective office to high-paying jobs.

There are a few rules. Very few.

Any rules involving family members would be arbitrary. Any line could be skirted.

This is in sharp contrast to what was reported by Talon News regarding the Argus Leader’s opinion on Newt Gingrich’s wife in 1995:

The Argus Leader wrote a 1995 editorial critical of Marianne Gingrich, wife of the House Speaker, Republican Newt Gingrich, for taking a position with Israel Export Development Company. The newspaper wrote, "The spouses of U.S. leaders should be held to a high standard: Not only should they avoid impropriety, they should avoid all appearances of impropriety."

By deleting my email regarding the Linda Daschle lobbying issue and their inconsistent application of what is a conflict of interest, I have concluded that the Argus Leader is covering up for the Daschles.

I can best sum this up with Mike’s comment in today’s Randell Beck column:

Dear Mr. Beck:

Your bias is disgusting, and you and Kranz should both step aside for the good of the paper and the people of South Dakota ... The People indeed are watching you.


The David Kranz flip-flop on TV ads
The David Kranz column in today’s Argus Leader ended with this:

There are two more indications that Sen. Tom Daschle will run for re-election. He will begin airing TV commercials on ethanol this week. He also participated in several Fouth of July events this week.

First note that Kranz did not mention his hometown Kranzburg parade, an event that Daschle was scheduled to appear on the 4th. Could it be that Kranz is concerned about giving the impression that he may have a close personal relationship with Daschle? Too late!

Second, Kranz did not criticize Daschle for his early campaign TV commercials. He instead shows it as a positive sign for Daschle supporters…that he is still running for re-election. Contrast this from an 11/1/77 Mitchell Daily Republic opinion piece, while Kranz was the managing editor:

Perhaps the campaign as designed by Tom Daschle in the Democratic bid for First District Congress is the most acceptable to the people. He has not put on the hard sales. The door-to-door promise seems on the surface to be an impossible task, yet those who have been the recipients of those door-to-door visits have found a comfortable format for airing their views that they always promise to write their congressman about, but really never get around to doing. Its campaigns like these that don’t abuse the public’s eyes and ears with the massive blasts from the television and radios and the gaudy and overdone newsreleases from campaign headquarters.

As I note the negative comment regarding “massive blasts from the television”, the column ended with this:

But then don’t criticize the early announcements and the early campaigns, readers. You’ve asked for accountability. You’ve asked to see your candidate and get a good idea of how he will represent you. You’ve demanded to the candidate to take stands on issues before you make up your mind. So in the end, you’ve asked for the year-round campaign and you’ve got it.

Kranz did not seem so excited about the Daschle Accountability Project, a planned set of ads regarding Daschle’s politcal positions. Instead he created the thought…by holding Daschle accountable, you are attacking him with an anti-Daschle media blitz. So the anti-Daschle label is being placed on anyone who voices their opposition to the left-sided policies of Daschle, especially when there are TV and newspaper ads involved. Kranz 5/11/03 column, on newcomer Neal Tapio, helps demonstrate this:

He is connected to recent newspaper ads criticizing Daschle. The most recent was a full-page ad May 2 that featured George Bush as "credible," the Iraqi information minister as "less credible" and Daschle as "incredible."

They are paid for by the Minnehaha County Young Republicans, which lists Tapio as treasurer.

Then Kranz says this:

Tapio described himself as a philosophical Republican who is a fiscal and social conservative.

His newspaper ad directs readers to a Web site - sdakotagop.com -where there was once a list of people involved in the project. In addition to Tapio's name, listed as Neal T, others were Paul E., small businessman; Rob R., administrator; Kenyon G., administration; and Grant H., insurance. Last week, all names disappeared.

Their mission statement: "We are an active group of lifelong South Dakotans that are a not-for-profit organization established to promote and defend principled candidates who support the Reagan vision of limited government, free markets, lower taxes, family values, economic growth and a strong national defense."

Daschle's campaign has criticized the sdakotagop.com Web site as an extension of the effort to launch the Daschle Accountability Project forwarded Rob Regier of the Rushmore Policy Council and Paul Erickson. That plan got substantial media coverage around the United States in the last week, but Regier now says they do not plan to implement it.

But wait

Now that there is a possible Senate candidate, South Dakota television viewers will also get a chance as early as this week to see some anti-Daschle television commercials.

Club for Growth, visible in the state during the 2002 election cycle with spots criticizing Daschle, are making buys with a new message.

David Kranz is obviously protecting Tom Daschle from being held accountable by leading the pack of attack dogs…who will go after anyone who decides to speak out against the policies of Tom Daschle. Instead of fully reporting the issues that are being discussed, the emphasis is on who the messengers are, then put a label on them, and then…create an illusion that there is some sort of a cabal. This shows how Kranz fabricates the dirt that partisan Daschle supporters wet down for the mud they sling. Not, what I believe, is something readers should expect from the Dean of South Dakota political reporters.

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