Saturday, August 09, 2003

More far left attacks on conservative free speech
Today’s Argus Leader has another biased David Kranz report. Again, Kranz is trying to defend Daschle from the Club for Growth ad that shows South Dakotans his $2 million Washington DC home. Coming to the aid of Daschle is known political activist, Graham Nash. Before I get into the report, here is a little insight on the far left Graham Nash:

As an artist coming of age in the revolutionary 1960's, Nash naturally became involved in the socio-political movements of the era. As a world citizen of unflagging optimism and as the father of three who has a personal interest in the conservation of the Earth, Nash has long been a political and environmental activist.

Nash also signed the Not In Our Name Statement of Conscience protesting the 'unjust, immoral, and illegitimate' war in Iraq. (So did former Democratic South Dakota Senator James Abourezk.)

Kranz’s report starts with a complaint form Nash’s lawyer:

A political ad running in South Dakota is not such sweet music to Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Club for Growth, a Washington, D.C., consulting firm, is spending $50,000 in the state on the TV ad, which criticizes Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D., for not supporting tax cuts.

The ad, which began airing Thursday, includes a segment that appears to be the music from the folk rock group's song "Our House."

The music plays while the announcer mentions "Tom's house," making reference to Daschle's new Washington home.

That prompted a letter from Graham Nash's lawyer, Ann Sweeny of Sony ATV Music Publishing, to Stephen Moore, head of Club for Growth, saying that use of the song is a copyright infringement.

Then Kranz reports the Club for Growth’s response:

Moore's lawyer, Thomas W. Kirby of Washington, denies that his client is in violation.

"The ad contains a few seconds of original music (i.e., not an excerpt from a recording) and lyrics that Tom's house is a ‘very, very, very nice house.' The lyrics and snatch of a tune at most refer to the “Our House' recording," Kirby wrote.

He said the ad is for nonprofit, educational purposes and contains a few seconds of music that, at most, allude to the Crosby, Stills & Nash recording.

"It does not injure the market for the recording, and it is a type of activity highly favored by public policy as established in the First Amendment. It is classic fair use," he wrote.

There has been no official complaint about the alleged copyright infringement at KELO-TV, but the station has reviewed the ad and will keep it on the air, said Jay Huizenga, sales executive.

"We have looked at it as parody rather than the actual song," Huizenga said.

"As far as a legal definition of parody, it is protected, but we haven't heard from Graham Nash or his lawyers."

End of story right? Wrong! As advertising agent for his college buddy, Kranz adds on this factually inaccurate dribble from Daschle’s campaign:

Daschle's campaign has asked TV station managers to pull the ad, saying it is inaccurate.

Campaign officials say Daschle has supported tax cuts on several occasions.

Daschle has consistently supported cutting taxes for South Dakota families while opposing tax cuts for the wealthiest people, said Steve Hildebrand, his campaign manager.

Daschle’s campaign, with the help of Kranz, hope if they can say Daschle supports tax cuts often enough, some South Dakotans might believe it. The Argus Leader-Daschle campaign cabal is attacking conservatives who are trying to inform and remind South Dakotans about Daschle’s far left ideology by misleading us. They are also using the help of fellow Democrats and far left political activists, who are trying every trick possible to intimidate conservatives in an effort to stifle free political speech. No wonder they are increasingly becoming known as anti-American.

Update: Note the Associated Press removed Kranz's misleading ending.

Friday, August 08, 2003

David Kranz as advertising arm for the Daschle campaign
The issue of Senator Max Baucus asking the IRS to investigate the tax status of the Rushmore Policy Council was reported by David Kranz in the 8/6/03 issue of the Argus Leader and also today by Jeff Gannon of Talon News. A comparison of the two reports clearly demonstrates just how much David Kranz acts as an advertising agent for Tom Daschle.

Here is Kranz’s opening paragraph:

Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., has asked the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the tax status of a Sioux Falls-based group that has been critical of Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D.

Verses Gannon’s opening paragraph:

Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, has asked the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the tax-exempt status of the Rushmore Policy Council. The South Dakota-based organization has run advertisements that publicized the voting record of Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD) on abortion and other family values issues.

Notice how Gannon gives a factual representation of the Rushmore Policy Council purpose that “publicized the voting record of Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD) on abortion and other family values issues.” Kranz presents the opinion that Council is a “group that has been critical of Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D.” This is so Kranz can give ammunition to the Daschle supporters. We will soon be seeing letters discrediting the Rushmore Policy Council as only being anti-Daschle.

Then Kranz conveniently opens the door for Daschle spokesman Dan Pfeiffer:

"It is a mystery how the Rushmore Policy Council can do nothing other than run political ads designed to destroy Tom Daschle and still claim to be a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization," Pfeiffer said.

Instead Gannon’s report gives the side of the story that Kranz and the Argus Leader editorial board will keep from the Argus Leader readers:

American Conservative Union Chairman David A. Keene called Sen. Baucus' request, "a blatant abuse of power by one of Tom Daschle's Democrat cronies who want nothing more than to silence law-abiding conservative issue-advocacy organizations."

Keene points out that as a 501(c)4 tax-exempt organization, the Rushmore Policy Council would have had to do one of two things to warrant such an investigation.

"It would have told voters to 'vote for' or 'vote against' Sen. Daschle -- which the ads did not do -- or engaged in illegal campaign coordination with Daschle's opponent," Keene said.

Sen. Daschle has yet to draw a competitive opponent.

"This complaint is utterly lacking in merit," Keene said. "This is Washington power gaming at its worst."

Keene continued, "Because Rushmore is intent on educating the generally conservative people of South Dakota on their liberal-fringe Senator's voting record, Senator Baucus would force the IRS to devote time and resources investigating a bogus complaint."

"The Baucus-Daschle investigation has been designed to have a chilling effect on the rights of Rushmore to speak freely, and I for one hope that it does not," Keene said.

(End of Gannon's report...now my turn)

The far left Daschle supporters, including the Argus Leader, have used Kranz’s reports to paint the Rushmore Policy Council as negative anti-Daschle radicals who won’t discuss issues. The truth…it is the Argus Leader-Daschle campaign cabal that is creating the negative name calling campaign against conservatives who want to talk about the far left position that Daschle has taken on the issues.
Insight on the Argus Leader’s editorial operation
My effort to write a letter to the editor defending my view that David Kranz is biased has been met with censorship. Here is the letter that was censored based on the allegation that it was “not factual/misleading:

Shame on Dan Swanson for not allowing conservatives their First Amendment right of voicing their dissent to the left-sided position of Tom Daschle in his 6/29/03 letter. If Daschle’s actions are negative, why demonize the messengers?

Swanson insisted that I should consult with John Thune and Bill Janklow regarding the slant of David Kranz. I don’t have to. I was there, on 9/23/02, with fellow NRA members to endorse John Thune. David Kranz’s report the next day did not include the voting records. Instead he reported false accusations, in the form of negative name-calling, from Tony Dean and Clark Butler. My quote was stuck between them.

Therefore, I wasn’t surprised to find out:
1). David Kranz’s family is Democrats with close ties to Humphrey and McGovern.

2). That Daschle and Kranz went to SDSU together, where they worked tirelessly together on a mock Democratic convention that they switched from a Republican one. Kranz was publicity chairman for President Tom Daschle That did not stop him, as an objective(?) reporter for the South Dakota Collegian, to glorify Daschle as a “workhorse”.

3). Kranz admitted there were allegations of bias as he left the position of managing editor at the Mitchell Daily Republic in 1983.

4). Reported allegations of bias regarding Kranz in the 1990 Senate race between Larry Pressler and Ted Muenster.

For weeks I tried to start a debate as to what was not factual about any of the content with editor Chuck Baldwin and executive editor Randell Beck. I got no where. So I wrote this letter to the letter on 7/28/03:

Dan Swanson’s June 29 letter was very critical of my June 8 letter. I wrote a letter in defense, but this paper refuses to print it. Editor Chuck Baldwin and Executive Editor Randell Beck refuse to answer specifically why they have censored me.

Randell Beck has bragged about readers holding this paper to a high standard. How can we do that without our First Amendment rights? Randell Beck can talk the talk, but he can’t walk the walk. He allows this paper to ride the low road.

On August 5, I sent this email to the Argus Leader editor:

I the attached letter was sent over a week ago. I have not been notified as part of the confirmation process. I have not received a rejected mailing. Can you please provide me with the current status of this letter.

This was editor Chuck Baldwin’s response (he also copied Randell Beck):


What you sent was a complaint about how your letter was handled, not a letter to the editor.

It was received by the right parties.

Chuck Baldwin
Editorial Page Editor
Argus Leader

Not only does the Argus Leader censor editorials regarding the bias of David Kranz…they don’t let their readers know about the censorship. Why should the Argus Leader keep this secret?

With regard to the Sioux Falls police department, Executive Editor, Randell Beck, believes that Secrecy undermines truth and trust:

Sioux Falls is no Philadelphia or New York, but neither is it immune from the dark forces that can lead to an abuse of power - or an organizational tolerance for such abuse.

Who, then, watches for evidence of that abuse? In Sioux Falls, we are asked to trust - despite a shroud of official secrecy - that all is well. Sorry, chief, but Americans have heard that tune too many times.

What has Randell Beck said about trusting the Argus Leader? The readers must hold the paper to high standards:

But it comes as no surprise to you that we - journalists and journalism around the nation - don't always hit the mark.

Some have lied, cheated and stolen. Some twist the truth, plagiarize or break promises. Others, on a more subtle but equally cynical level, disguise advertising as news and think you're not smart enough to know the difference.

Those stark realities - and the knowledge that many forces, including our own human frailties, are ever at work to undermine the integrity of journalism - reveal the need for these common principles.

Ultimately, then, these standards speak to all of us - you and me.

Yes, we must strive to be fair, to be honest, to be accurate, to serve the public's right to know without arrogance or favor.

But you must hold us to that high standard as well.

I know you will.

My attempts as reader of the Argus Leader, also documented above, to hold this paper to high standards have been countered with censorship, silence, and efforts to keep it all a secret from the readers.

Please note this Randell Beck quote from above, “Others, on a more subtle but equally cynical level, disguise advertising as news and think you're not smart enough to know the difference.” This is what David Kranz has done. He has advertised for Tom Daschle in his so-called news reports and columns. Randell Beck refuses to constructively and openly deal with readers who are smart enough to figure it out. That is demonstrated with the above censorship of my letters. As I said in the second censored letter to the editor:

“Randell Beck has bragged about readers holding this paper to a high standard. How can we do that without our First Amendment rights? Randell Beck can talk the talk, but he can’t walk the walk. He allows this paper to ride the low road.”

That is not a complaint, Mr. Baldwin, that is the sad truth. The truth the Argus Leader editorial staff can’t handle nor will they print it.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

He’s back!
David Kranz and his far left bias are back with a two day back to back attack on those who oppose the far left positions of Tom Daschle. Today’s report was titled, “Group again runs anti-Daschle ads”. Twice Kranz mentioned false accusations that the Club for Growth ad was inaccurate. First:

Daschle's campaign has complained to local TV stations about the new ad, saying the message is inaccurate, pointing to several instances in which Daschle has supported tax cuts.

Later Kranz reports:

Steve Hildebrand, manager of Daschle's re-election campaign, has written a letter to state TV stations slated to carry the Club for Growth ad, asking them to be cautious about inaccuracies in the content.

"The ad being run on your television station by Club for Growth is factually inaccurate, and I respectfully ask you to consider not airing it in the ad's current form," Hildebrand wrote.

Those concerns center on contentions that Daschle does not support tax cuts.

Hildebrand outlined several examples of Daschle supporting tax cuts, including leading the fight to extend the Child Tax Credit to families of 29,000 children in the state, voting to eliminate the estate tax for all South Dakota families and businesses, supporting tax cuts for South Dakota families instead of for millionaires and supporting marriage-penalty relief.

Kranz did not point out that the Child Tax Credit were to people who did not pay income taxes. Therefore, it is inaccurate to call them tax cuts. This is welfare spending. Kranz is allowing the Daschle spin machine to discredit his opposition by calling them liars based on their own inaccuracies.

In regard to the estate tax, Jeff Gannon of Talon News reports, Daschle Angers Business Owners on Death Tax:

Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD) won't be meeting with a group of business owners who want him to change his position opposing repeal of the federal death tax. Daschle's Aberdeen, South Dakota staff refused to schedule a meeting for the senator with the group of business owners from across South Dakota during the August recess.

Gannon’s report ended with this:

A spokesman for Americans for Tax Reform told Talon News, "Daschle's opposition to the death tax repeal is hypocritical considering South Dakota voters approved a constitutional amendment to repeal their state's tax on inheritances in 2000."

"Their death tax was repealed by a 80 to 20 margin, so Daschle's vote in Washington doesn't reflect the strongly held view of his constituents," the ATR spokesman added.

Sioux Falls businessman and Republican senate candidate Neal Tapio told Talon News, "It's just one more example of how Daschle is out of touch with the people of South Dakota."

"His comments on the eve of war, votes against the President's tax relief package, and filibuster of qualified judicial nomination, demonstrate a voting record that doesn't reflect the values of those he is supposed to represent," Tapio said.

"90% of the businesses in South Dakota are small businesses and family farms and the death tax is killing them," Tapio added. "Daschle will support ethanol on one hand but on the other hand will punish the next generation of farmers and small business people."

Tapio is right…Daschle is out of touch with South Dakota. Kranz is working hard to falsely discredit those who are willing to say so.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Daschle promotes Nebraska’s health care
On Daschle’s 8/4/03 travel blog he tells these stories:

Cost is not the only issue on Indian reservations. I stopped in Rosebud at a corner store on Highway 44. The young man behind the counter told me of his anger and frustration at the care given his little boy recently. His son had a temperature of 106 degrees. He brought him to the hospital and could not get anyone to examine him. He then drove to Gordon, Nebraska to the emergency room, there.

Richard Standing Bear, Jr. had a similar experience. I stopped at his house along Highway 44. He has serious circulatory problems and says he has gotten little help from the IHS facilities he has visited. He believes there is too much turnover among doctors and two few of them to provide care. He is planning to go to Valentine, Nebraska next week to determine if someone there might be able to address his health care problems.

It’s amazing how the far left will use examples of problems created by reliance on government to promote even more dependency on government. After 25 years of Tom Daschle, things don’t sound too rosy in Rosebud. I guess there is always Nebraska. Not a great promotional piece for South Dakota...Tom.
Daschle’s attack dogs on the run
It has just been reported that South Dakota’s Rushmore Policy Council will be under the gun:

The top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee has asked the Internal Revenue Service to examine the tax status of a South Dakota group that has run ads against Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D.
Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., contends the Rushmore Policy Council may be violating the rules that govern its tax-exempt status by engaging in overtly political activity.

Looks like the Daschle Democrats will use the threat of the Federal Government’s taxing authority to stifle dissent and restrict First Amendment rights.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Tony Dean...are you for real?
In another one of Tony Dean’s anti-Bush rants he proclaims:

“This lifelong Republican has been finding it increasingly difficult to support this administration because of their neandrathal approach to environmental policies.”

Back in February Tony Dean posts this about Republicans:

“But we in the northern states aren't a helluva lot better than our southern brethren who have become conservative Republicans in recent years, largely because of the GOP's "southern strategy," a thinly veiled racist movement.”

Tony…are you a proud lifelong Republican or just a make believe for TV lifelong Republican?
Daschle’s Thank You to Republicans
On 7/31/03, CNN reported on the Senate passage of the all important Energy Bill that included Daschle’s prized ethanol issue:

The way was cleared for passage of the bill when Senate Republicans abandoned legislation they had been struggling over and resurrected an energy package approved by the Senate last year when Democrats were in control.
"Never in our dreams did we imagine that we could pass a Democratic bill in a Republican Congress," said Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota.

The next day Daschle gave his thank you:

"We're now in the seventh-inning stretch of this Congressional session and the score, so far, is pretty troubling. We've seen too much partisanship and too little progress. The Republican leadership has chosen to spend too much of the Senate's time debating extreme judicial nominees and other divisive issues and too little time looking for bipartisan ways to create jobs, make America safer and make health care and prescription drugs more affordable.
"The economy is still losing jobs, the national debt is increasing by $1 billion every day, and experts say America is still dangerously unprepared to respond to a terrorist attack. That is not a record of accomplishment. We urge the President to use his leadership and tell Republican leaders to put aside their divisive partisan agenda and work on the real and urgent issues facing our nation. The American people deserve action and they deserve answers."

Mr. Daschle, that was not only a cheap shot at Republicans, but also a negative attack on America. This goes way beyond partisan. Maybe your August road trip should come by my front door. I have a lot of things to talk about.
Daschle’s socialized medicine
Early returns from the Daschle travel blog demonstrates his plan of using this August break looking for people whose stories will substantiate the far left’s plan for a socialized medical plan for the United States. The Tommy the Commie parody of Daschle’s travel blog may not seem quite so funny when one takes a serious look at what socialized medicine did to Canada. Dr. William McArthur, the former chief coroner for British Columbia, gives chilling insight into the Canadian health care system:

The approach to drugs and drug therapy is symptomatic of the afflictions of Canada's deteriorating health care system: overburdened, forced to ration care and operating in a straitjacket of centralized bureaucratic planning.

Daschle’s ploy of finding stories in South Dakota that will scare America into a similar scheme, that has crippled quality health care in Canada, must be exposed. Let’s not forget how socialism also crippled the economy of the once powerful Soviet Union. This is not only a negative attack on the American free enterprise system that made America’s health care system the best in the world, it is also humiliating for South Dakotans. Shame of Daschle for putting South Dakota in such a negative light.

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