Saturday, August 16, 2003

South Dakota still in the dark
As parts of the Northeast are having the lights turned on, people of South Dakota are being kept in the dark by the media. The breaking news from Jeff Gannon of Talon News regarding the property tax investigation on Tom Daschle’s very, very, big house is now been reported by Robert Novak:

A District of Columbia tax saving of less than $1,000 on his new Washington home has helped Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle's foes in the conservative Club for Growth claim that he is "a Washington resident and not the average man of Aberdeen (S.D.)."
D.C. tax records show that Daschle claimed the $30,000 "homestead" tax exemption on the French colonial home he purchased on fashionable Foxhall Road for $1.9 million. While intended to help lower-income Washingtonians, the exemption is available for any home in the nation's capital that is the occupant's "permanent" residence. But South Dakota law requires that all of its elected officials be residents of the state.
Neither Daschle nor Republican former Rep. John Thune has announced his candidacy for their expected Senate showdown next year.

This week I forwarded the Gannon report to David Kranz of the Argus Leader and also to the Mitchell Daily Republic. So far…no coverage. South Dakotans are left in the dark because of the media bias that I have disclosed on this web site. Today, both papers ran my letters…and both censored the ugly truth. The same papers that know about the Daschle property tax situation on his Washinton DC primary residence…or as Club for Growth is showing South Dakota…a very, very, very big house.
Sibby Online in the Argus Leader
The Argus Leader printed my letter to the editor, but left out the last paragraph (in bold):

David Kranz again writes a biased report on Aug. 7 against an organization whose purpose is to hold Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D., accountable for his far left position on various issues. This time it was the Club for Growth, and again The Associated Press used the report in other newspapers the next day.

The Kranz report allowed Steve Hildebrand to get away with falsely accusing the Club for Growth's ad as being inaccurate, with regard to tax cuts... as he asks TV stations not to run the ad. He argued that Daschle does support tax cuts and used the child tax credit as one example. This is factually incorrect. Giving income tax credits to people who do not pay income taxes is not a tax cut, but a welfare spending plan.

It was also troubling to read Kranz's Aug. 6 report on how the Democrats are using the power of the government's taxing authority to stifle the Rushmore Policy Council's voice of dissent against the far left positions of Daschle.

Here is what was left out:

Kranz is acting as spokesman for the Daschle campaign in the Argus Leader news section whose bias is used by Daschle’s Army of letter writers to present factually incorrect attacks against conservatives in the opinion pages…as the editors of the Argus Leader censor conservatives who respond.
Sibby Online in the Mitchell Daily Republic
The Mitchell Daily Republic published a letter of mine today, but was not put on their web site. Note…the part in bold was not printed. Looks like they are sensitive about their role in the Daschle cabal:

Up front…this letter will have an edge. I just received an anonymous letter, post marked Mt. Vernon, demanding that I stop writing letters to the editor. Then it went into a negative personal attack at me. I am now writing about other attempts from the far left Daschle supporters, who want to stifle free speech of conservatives.

First is the August 8 Associated Press report containing demands from the Daschle campaign that TV stations not run a Club for Growth ad…claiming the ad was inaccurate. Steve Hildebrand argued Daschle was really for tax cuts. He is wrong.

Daschle voted against the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003. Mitchell CPA Gary Endorf’s July 31 opinion piece regarding that tax cut stated, “In summary, this tax act has benefits for all taxpayers.”

Daschle voted against our tax cut. Also note the false allegation from the Daschle campaign, was first reported in another paper by a reporter who has a 20-year history of allegations of bias. Again this paper reprints the inaccuracies from the Daschle cabal via the AP.

Then back on August 6, there was a report on Democrats using the taxing authority of the government to stifle the speech of the Rushmore Policy Council.

That same day a letter from Dr. Bob Paulin was also critical of the Council for using money from outside South Dakota.

Paulin doesn’t know that Daschle gets over 80% of his money from outside South Dakota? Much of that money comes from far left causes including pro-abortion.

Paulin also stated that Daschle was popular within our state. The August 9 letter of Betty Widman gives insight on why. Daschle buys his popularity with taxpayer’s money (that’s why he always wants more).

One item she mentioned was $1,000,000 for the DWU library that honors George McGovern. Why should taxpayers, from all over the nation, help pay for a library of a private religious university? If it were in honor of a pro-life conservative, the far left would be screaming separation of church and state.

In 1972, McGovern lost by a landslide as he sought the Office of President. He did not even carry the state of South Dakota. Why should the majority of taxpayers, who voted against McGovern, fund his library…and why would the far left think all South Dakotans be proud of that?

Friday, August 15, 2003

David Kranz political analysis questionable
Remember David Kranz’s 7/13/03 column titled, “Neither party has sure bet for control of Senate”. Today’s Donald Lambro’s report in today's Washington Times has this revelation for Kranz:

Election strategists now say there is little if any chance that the Democrats can win back the House because of Republican gains made under congressional redistricting, or in the Senate, where most independent analysts see a likely Republican gain in seats.
Daschle’s anti-South Dakota message
The Argus Leader-Daschle Campaign cabal issued another anti-South Dakota attack with a David Kranz report in today’s Argus Leader:

Standing beside a dental chair Thursday in the Sioux River Valley Community Health Center in Sioux Falls, Daschle discussed the growing number of dentist retirements, lack of replacements and long waits for children to see a dentist.

"I have heard horror stories from South Dakotans who were forced to travel more than 100 miles for a simple dental procedure," he said, noting that the state has only one dentist for every 250 square miles.

Then comes the political use of South Dakota’s children:

Improving access for children also is critical, he said. Only 30 percent of the children who need care get it, he said.

I have called Senator Daschle’s office requested the backup to the 30 percent figure. The information was not readably available, so they took my address and phone number.

The Daschle cabal is obviously continuing their promotion of socialism by using children to negatively attack the reputation of the people of South Dakota. How does Daschle expect to attract more dentists to South Dakota when he leaves such a negative impression about this great State?

Now that Daschle’s considers Washington DC as his home, South Dakota is the place he uses to further his far left political ideology as he cons South Dakotans into becoming more and more dependent on big government.

And David Kranz is providing the voice box via the largest South Dakota newspaper…which is owned by Gannett, an east-coast media giant.

Two days ago I sent Kranz the Talon News report regarding Daschle’s questionable tax credit on his very, very, very big house in DC. Twice since 7/23/03 I have emailed Kranz regarding Senate Democrats holding up the ban on partial-birth abortion. South Dakotans are being kept in the dark regarding those issues as Kranz continues his cheerleader role for his college buddy…Tom Daschle.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Daschle’s tax cut on his very, very, very big house
Yesterday’s Talon news report by Jeff Gannon, regarding the tax cut Tom Daschle took on his very, very, very big house in DC, was also linked by WorldNetDaily on its page 2. Sibby Online also received Gannon’s report via a forwarded email with this message from the sender:

Q: Don't the good folks in South Dakota know about this crook, Tom Daschle (D-SD)?
A: Pass this on to your friends in South Dakota, please!!!

Yeah, that Tom Da$chle, `Ol Tom Obstructing America Da$chle -- TOAD, don't ya know? Why do they keep voting TOAD Da$chle in term after term to the U.S. senate? Really, TOAD and his lobbyist wife adversely affect us all here in the United States of America. So, pass this along to ALL your caring friends!

May G-d continue to bless America!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

BREAKING NEWS from Talon news
Jeff Gannon reported today in Talon News that Tom Daschle is now under investigation for a property tax deduction on his very, very, very big house in Washington DC:

Now another controversy surrounding the palatial French colonial on Washington's exclusive Foxhall Road has emerged. A Talon News search of DC property records revealed that Daschle is receiving the homestead tax credit.

The District of Columbia allows a $30,000 deduction against a property's tax assessment for the calculation of taxes. Even though every owner-occupied property is eligible for the tax credit, it was enacted to protect lower income homeowners from sharp increases in property taxes due to skyrocketing property values in Washington.

Daschle taking this credit is a double-edge sword:

But Daschle may not even qualify for the tax credit, since one of the requirements is that the property must be the owner's primary residence. South Dakota law requires that its elected officials be residents of the state. Therefore, Daschle would be precluded from claiming his Washington home as his primary residence.

The report contains these comments from Neal Tapio:

Sioux Falls, South Dakota businessman and potential senate candidate Neal Tapio told Talon News, "It turns out Senator Daschle's blushing bride is blushing because of the sheer hypocrisy of her public and private husband."

Tapio continued, "Publicly, Tom criticizes Republicans for giving tax cuts to the rich and privately he uses Enron-like tax loopholes to save every penny he can."

Tapio was struck by the irony of the tax credit controversy, noting that the senator and his wife are in the upper 5% of income earners. He said, "Claiming a tax credit designed for low-income wage earners while railing on the Republicans for tax cuts for the rich is brazen hypocrisy."

Tapio also commented on Daschle's traditional car tour of South Dakota during the August recess saying, "Trading a 1978 Oldsmobile in South Dakota for a $2 million French colonial in Washington, DC tells us Tom has lost touch with his SD roots."

Tapio noted another irony in the tax issue. He pointed out that it was just last week that Daschle's Senate colleague Max Baucus (D-MT) requested an IRS investigation of a South Dakota non-profit organization that had run ads focusing on Daschle's voting record.

I emailed this report to David Kranz. If he does report on it, it will be to either down play it or discredit it as anti-Daschle.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Tom Daschle married to lobbyist...scandalous
Here is a viewpoint that the Argus Leader-Daschle Campaign cabal wants shielded from South Dakotans:

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle is married to a lobbyist.

Some lawmakers have formal policies to maintain a distance between themselves and lobbyist relatives. Others are more accessible, so to speak. But all are essentially making up their own rules.

Says the head of one watchdog organization, the relationships are "unseemly. It does seem to be getting out of hand."

Unseemly? Unseemly? It's scandalous.

Partial-birth Abortion ban held hostage
Focus on the Family provides insight on why the Democrats are asking the IRS to investigate the tax status of the Rushmore Policy Council:

They accuse Daschle and his fellow South Dakota Democrat, Tim Johnson, of not protecting women and children because they are stalling action the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act — which passed the Senate in March of 2003. Democrats have refused to agree to the appointment of senators to the conference committee charged with crafting a final bill to reconcile differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill.

The ad and others like it aired in South Dakota and were paid for by the Rushmore Policy Council.

Rob Regier, the council's executive director, called Baucus' allegations that the ads violate the group's tax-exempt status "baseless."

On 7/23/03 I emailed David Kranz the Washington Times report that disclosed the Democrats tactics regarding the ban on partial-birth abortions. Last week Kranz was quick to report on the Democrats accusations against the Rushmore Policy Council. Kranz as not informed the readers of the Argus Leader about the Democrats obstruction regarding the ban on partial-birth abortions. He has not reported on what Tom Daschle, as leader of the Senate Democrats, has to say for himself.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

New tax law will affect just about everybody
On 7/31/03 Gary Endorf, a Mitchell SD CPA, wrote an Op-Ed in the Mitchell Daily Republic that began with this:

The recently enacted tax law titled, “Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003” (EGTRRA) is the third largest tax cut in history and it may be the most far-reaching of all tax-law changes.

In my opinion, virtually every taxpayer is affected by this legislation and should therefore be informed on how these changes affect them.

After explaining the details, he ended with:

In summary, this tax act has benefits for all taxpayers. Most of the provisions within the tax law have various expiration dates that will require congressional extensions or they will revert to pre-act tax law.

Tom Daschle voted against these tax cuts. That is why David Kranz’s 8/7/03 Argus Leader report was biased by including this:

Steve Hildebrand, manager of Daschle's re-election campaign, has written a letter to state TV stations slated to carry the Club for Growth ad, asking them to be cautious about inaccuracies in the content.

"The ad being run on your television station by Club for Growth is factually inaccurate, and I respectfully ask you to consider not airing it in the ad's current form," Hildebrand wrote.

Those concerns center on contentions that Daschle does not support tax cuts.

Hildebrand outlined several examples of Daschle supporting tax cuts, including leading the fight to extend the Child Tax Credit to families of 29,000 children in the state, voting to eliminate the estate tax for all South Dakota families and businesses, supporting tax cuts for South Dakota families instead of for millionaires and supporting marriage-penalty relief.

Kranz repeated the factually incorrect statement in his 8/9/03 Argus Leader report:

Daschle's campaign has asked TV station managers to pull the ad, saying it is inaccurate.

Campaign officials say Daschle has supported tax cuts on several occasions.

Daschle has consistently supported cutting taxes for South Dakota families while opposing tax cuts for the wealthiest people, said Steve Hildebrand, his campaign manager.

On the issue of Tom Daschle’s position on tax cuts…are you going to believe the Argus Leader-Daschle campaign cabal or are you going to believe the congressional record and a practicing CPA from South Dakota?
What about Linda?
An astute Sibby Online reader wonders…why Linda Daschle was not included in this Argus Leader letter to the editor today:

Harry Baltzer
published: 8/10/2003
Here is a statistic about the military-industrial complex to boggle the minds of patriotic Americans.

Boeing has been given a contract to outfit and then lease to the Pentagon for six years, 100 jetliners to be midflight refueling tankers for bombers. The congressional accounting office says it will cost up to $30 billion.

According to the Air Force, our existing fleet of air tankers could be modernized and perform beautifully for another 35 years for $8 billion. But Boeing has considerable lobbying clout on the Hill and in the White House. Boeing also contributes generously to campaign coffers - $2 million to President George W. Bush himself in the last four years.

This information is gleaned from the July 2003 publication of The Hightower Lowdown. Our regular media haven't the fortitude to print stuff like this.

Isn't it amazing how a few million dollars investment can get you a $30 billion contract? Those are phenomenal returns.

Mr. Baltzer did not mention one of the lobbyists for Boeing is Linda Daschle. Argus Leader executive editor Randell Beck, suspected member of the Argus Leader-Daschle campaign cabal defended the Daschle’s on this point:

First, I explained, Linda Daschle has been a lobbyist for Boeing since 1998. Second, while she is a member of a well-known schmoozing firm, she doesn't lobby the Senate. Third, when she does go to bat for the airplane manufacturer, she handles commercial, not military, issues.

Even if the Argus Leader-Daschle campaign cabal thinks we are naive enough to believe that spin, we know that the money Linda makes from Boeing also helps the Daschle’s afford a very, very, very big house.

Mr. Baltzer also neglected to mention that Senator Daschle’s campaign also receives money from Boeing.

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