Saturday, August 23, 2003

Bill Janklow’s past revealed
Here is a NewsMax column by Paul M. Weyrich, Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation, revealing the past of Bill Janklow that I was not aware of:

Meanwhile, go back to 1986. We had put together what became known as the Religious Right. We had been successful in activating religious people to get involved in the political process.

The left, still reeling from their stinging defeats in 1980 and 1984, was starting to regroup. People for the American Way announced that it had assembled a coalition of leftist groups that would confront the Religious Right wherever we were active. They would paint the activities of religious activists as illegitimate.

I decided that this had to be met head on. So, I was able to persuade a Catholic priest, a prominent Religious Right minister, and an Orthodox Jewish rabbi to appear at a press conference with me to confront head on what People for the American Way intended to do.

Still, the effort lacked political credibility. I had dealt with then-governor Janklow on several projects during the last few years. I called Janklow, explained the situation, and asked if he would join us at this press conference. He was somewhat reluctant at first, not because he didn't agree with the project but because of the time commitment of flying to and from Washington. He also had to receive clearance to use the state plane.

It was touch and go but he did come and thank God that he was able to make it. Our press conference was carried on C-SPAN and played again and again and again. Janklow was fantastic. Whereas our clergy panel was rather polite, Janklow seared People for the American Way.

He was very tough and he warned that if the leftists did try to intimidate people from the Religious Right from exercising their Constitutional Rights they would find themselves dealing with him. He was so credible that after the leftists watched this performance they were nowhere to be found in the 1986 elections and haven't been seen since.

Daschle to support tenth Democratic Presidential hopeful
A London based news source, telegraph.co.uk, announces the possibility of a tenth Democrat with Presidential ambitions:

In this era of the War on Terrorism, senior Democrats have decided that the best - possibly the only - way to beat George W Bush in the 2004 presidential elections is to put up a soldier against him.

A retired general, Wesley Clark, the supreme commander of Nato during its successful campaign in Kosovo, is widely expected to announce his candidacy for the White House in the next few days, backed by powerful members of the United States Congress.

In an open field, where none of the nine current Democrat candidates has established a clear lead, a late entry by Gen Clark would have an electrifying effect. The Vietnam veteran has never stood for elected office. Since his retirement, however, he has become a familiar face on CNN television, frequently criticising President Bush's policies on Iraq.

He is believed to have stood aside from summer campaigning, waiting to see if anyone emerged as an obvious winner of the party's nomination. Now, according to Donna Brazile, a top Democratic strategist and the campaign manager for Al Gore during the 2000 presidential elections, Gen Clark "will announce his plans to run for president by the end of the month".

The report mentions Daschle’s intentions:

In Congress, the two most senior Democrats, the House of Representatives' minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate's minority leader, Tom Daschle, have both privately supported Clark.

Dianne Feinstein attacks Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Second Amendment
Dianne Feinstein, Democratic Senator of California, attacks Arnold’s violent movies as she promotes banning guns in a Mercury News report:

In her most passionate comments yet on California's recall election, Democratic U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Thursday suggested Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie image ``glorifies violence'' and called on the actor-turned-candidate to get behind her federal ban on assault-style weapons.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Legal precedence regarding Janklow’s accident
There is a lot of speculation about what legal trouble Janklow is in as a consequence to his running a stop sign while speeding and causing a fatal accident. The Rapid City Journal found an accident similar to the Janklow accident:

A 21-year-old Rapid City man was sentenced in 2002 to eight years in prison for his role in a fatal crash similar to the one caused by Congressman Bill Janklow last weekend.

Thomas Corey ran a red light in Rapid City in February 2002 and crashed shis[SIC] pickup into a vehicle driven by Stanley Fisher, killing Fisher's wife, Audrey.

But the report contained this distinction:

Prosecutors in the Corey case considered the fact that Corey was coming back from a drug buy when the crash occurred. Seventh Circuit Judge John J. "Jack" Delaney also considered that at sentencing, along with Corey's 14 previous speeding citations, two drunken-driving convictions and his drug violation while awaiting trial on the vehicle crash.

At sentencing, Delaney said: "You were doing thousand-dollar drug deals. You were bringing methamphetamine and cocaine into the community after you killed a woman while coming back from a pot buy."

Janklow a no-show at Lewis and Clark groundbreaking
Understandably, Bill Janklow was a no-show yesterday at the Lewis and Clark groundbreaking. This is from the Sioux City Journal:

Janklow asked Sioux Falls Mayor Dave Munson to fill his spot on the dais.

"It is important to note on a personal level that all of us here extend to Bill and his family and to the Scott family and the others that were involved in this tragedy our prayers of comfort during this time of great sadness and suffering, not only for his family, but also for all his good friends," Munson said.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Congressional Felons…Janklow?
H.R. 1098, the Congressional Pension Accountability Act, would disallow the Congressional Pension for an individual who is expelled from Congress. This could happen to Bill Janklow if convicted of an felony as a consequence to the tragic accident he was involved with. The Citizens for a Sound Economy supports this bill and uses this example:

Senator Tom Daschle-- the Senate's most powerful Liberal who is blocking efforts to protect your Social Security savings-- is now eligible for a whopping $96,720 a year in pension payouts. That's almost $100,000 a year paid with your tax dollars-- money that could be used to strengthen your retirement-- all for a politician who refuses to protect your retirement.

Many retired politicians will rake in more than $1 million in taxpayer-funded pensions. Some could draw more than $2 million. And get this: Lawmakers can retire with a full, guaranteed pension at age 50 after only 20 years of service. (Fast fact: Your Social Security benefits are not guaranteed and can be slashed at anytime!).

Virus Alert
There is a major attack on our internet. Please check out the rest of this story and take the proper precautions and/or actions:

A virus that debuted this week has been declared the fastest spreading e-mail plague of all time, while another malicious program that hit last week continued to disrupt computers worldwide.

MessageLabs Inc., a company that filters e-mail for corporate clients around the world, Wednesday said it had intercepted more than a million copies of the "Sobig.F" virus the previous day, the most it has ever intercepted in a single day. That was one in every 17 e-mail messages the firm scanned.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Another Daschle Con Job…Ethanol
Rocky Mountain News brings this revelation regarding Daschle’s ethanol campaign:

The Senate's version adds a grotesque ethanol mandate that would increase the use of the corn-based fuel to 5 billion gallons per year by 2012. Crafted by Democratic Leader Tom Daschle, the subsidy benefits not so much family farmers as it does conglomerates such as Archer-Daniels-Midland. Even supporters believe the provision could add more than $8 billion annually to gas prices in the first five years alone.

We need an energy bill that spurs economic growth and helps ensure affordable and reliable energy supplies for Americans. What we don't need is a special-interest banquet that picks the pockets of taxpayers.

What many don’t know is that natural gas is used to convert the corn into ethanol. With natural gas in short supply…this will only add fuel to the skyrocketing natural gas prices. Also note…natural gas is used to make the farmers’ fertilizer. Scenario…corn prices rise just enough to cover the farmers’ government paid price support for corn, and higher costs for their fertilizer…farmers’ profits will be lower not higher. Home heating costs will be higher. Gas prices will be higher. Oh no…economic disaster! And Daschle will blame President Bush.
Janklow’s speed between 70 to 75 MPH
Foxnews reports(check out the photos…I can’t believe the damage to Janklow’s car):

Rep. Bill Janklow was driving 70-75 mph when he ran a stop sign and collided with a motorcycle, according to an accident report released Wednesday by the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

Update: South Dakota Politics found this local broadcast concerning this terrible accident.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

The right to bear arms
WorldNetDaily announces a new source of centuries old evidence that we have an individual right to keep and bear arms:

A six-year study of Supreme Court cases has found scores of "forgotten decisions" affecting the "highly contested" constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Titled "Supreme Court Gun Cases," the study examines 92 cases – 44 of them unedited – and concludes without a doubt "the Supreme Court has recognized an individual right to arms for most of the past two centuries."

The study, available for order next month, is "the most important set of words written about your constitutional guarantees," said Alan Korwin, a firearms and legal researcher and co-author of the report.

Korwin, along with co-authors David B. Kopel and Dr. Stephen P. Halbrook, show the nation's highest court "has not been quiet on this subject as previously thought."

Monday, August 18, 2003

Daschles found loophole…A Marriage Tax Reward
When Jeff Gannon first reported, on 8/13/03 last week, the Homestead Tax Credit the Daschles have claimed on the $1.9 million Washington DC home…I emailed the story to Argus Leader reporter David Kranz. The email was opened around 1PM that day.

Then Bob Novak picked up the story on 8/16/03 and was covered in the Chicago Sun-Times. Today Roll Call picked up the story and ran it front page above the fold. Will Kranz ever let South Dakota in on this issue?

According to the Roll Call report, the Daschles found a loophole in the Washington DC property tax law:

“Ninety-eight percent of the time it would be impossible for [a Member of
Congress] to qualify as a resident of their home state and also be a resident of the District of Columbia,” Bullock explained. “The other ones would only be entitled if their spouse were” employed and paying income taxes in D.C.

As Daschle straddles us with a Federal Marriage Tax Penalty, he takes a Washington DC Marriage Tax Reward, but only for those whose spouses have income. We cannot verify how much Linda Daschle makes as a lobbyist, because they refuse to release their tax return, despite Daschle having no problem releasing his joint return in 1982. But that was when he was married to his first wife, Laurie.

If Kranz does decide to cover this issue, no doubt he will make good use of Daschle campaign manager Steve Hildebrand's spin:

“Linda Daschle pays income taxes in Washington, D.C. That makes Linda
Daschle eligible to receive this homestead tax on behalf of the Daschles,”
explained Hildebrand, who noted that the Daschles also own a home in
Aberdeen, S.D., and pay their property taxes every year.

“He has a South Dakota driver’s license. He’s registered to vote in South
Dakota. He has South Dakota plates on his car. This is and always will be
his residence — and the fact that they own a home in Washington, D.C.,
changes none of that,” Hildebrand said.

Kranz won’t offer the hypocrisy of a Senator…who opposes tax cuts for the wealthy, but takes property tax cuts for only those who have an income. Also Kranz will downplay, if he mentions it at all, this fact from the Roll Call report:

Public records show that Daschle is in fact receiving the $30,000 tax deduction that reduces his property tax bill by a few hundred dollars annually as long as the property is the principal residence of the owner.

Yes, the Daschles own a house in South Dakota and Washington DC…but the DC home is their ‘principal residence’. The only reason Daschle came back to South Dakota this month, is to run around the State looking for ways to trash us and then publish the sad South Dakota saga on his web site. All for fodder to be used in DC to promote his far left agenda.

The question next year will be whether or not the people of South Dakota will wise up and realize that after 25 years of Daschle, he is the one prospering the most.

When will Argus Leader readers realize their paper is ran by an east-coast media giant. The Argus Leader is not really a South Dakota newspaper the same that Daschle is not really a South Dakota senator. They are both east-coast liberal elitists who are too good for us…so they think.

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