Saturday, September 13, 2003

Aberdeen man in Club for Growth ad
The American News has a report by Scott Waltman on Wayne Greenfield . He is the Aberdeen native who was shown at the end of the Club for Growth TV ad about Tom Daschle’s very, very, very big house. The coverage ends with this Greenfield quote:

Greenfield said he's been more involved in politics in the past five or six years than he was before then. "I vote principle over pocketbook," he said. "When you die, you leave your pocketbook here, but you take your principles with you."

Friday, September 12, 2003

The inside story on Argus Leader letter to the editor
South Dakota Politics has reported that a letter in yesterday’s Argus Leader was written by the brother of Jonathon Lehman, Tom Daschle's legislative aide for Agriculture and Energy policy.

The letter starts out with a comment from one of my Argus Leader letters:

Steven Sibson's recent letter argued "Giving income tax credits to people who do not pay income taxes is not a tax cut, but a welfare spending plan."

To see my quote in context…go to my August 16 post titled, “Sibby Online in the Argus Leader”. Note that the Argus Leader censored the following point, from that letter:

Kranz is acting as spokesman for the Daschle campaign in the Argus Leader news section whose bias is used by Daschle’s Army of letter writers to present factually incorrect attacks against conservatives in the opinion pages…as the editors of the Argus Leader censor conservatives who respond.

Yesterday I submitted a letter to the editor of the Argus Leader detailing that point in regard to the issue of lobbying. The Argus Leader bias in its content regarding John Thune’s lobbying verses Linda Daschle’s was backed up by five links to web sites, that I have used on this web site. Those links were sent to the editor with the letter. Any bets on the Argus Leader printing it?

Update: Late Friday afternoon I received a phone call from the Argus Leader to go through their confirmation process which includes verification that a letter is not sent to another paper. Now we know the letter will be published...the only question is how much will be cut.
The Other Side of Tom Daschle
The Rapid City Journal is reporting that a book titled, “The Other Side of Tom Daschle” is listed for sale on the Internet but the listed author, Rob Regier, is not writing it:

The 96-page book hasn't been written, and Robert Regier, the Sioux Falls man listed as the author, told the Rapid City Journal he doesn't plan to pen such a tome.

Regier is executive director of both the South Dakota Family Policy Council and the Rushmore Policy Council, a group that has organized anti-Daschle ad campaigns.

Regier said he had discussed the book with the publisher, Jameson Books of Ottawa, Ill., in late spring or early summer but then withdrew from the project in July.

The report goes on to provide the latest status and an idea of what it was to be about:

The book's distributor, Midpoint Trade Books of Kansas City, Kan., had a picture of the book cover posted on its Web site through Wednesday. The cover, now removed from the Web site, featured pictures of Daschle and Regier's name.

A description of the book and a summary of a marketing plan remained Thursday, but the author was listed as "TBD," or "to be determined."

"This book examines the political career and beliefs of the senator, up for re-election in 2004, with a critical eye," reads Midpoint's description. "The ‘public' Daschle — mild-mannered, reasonable, polite — is in sharp contrast to the ‘McGovernite liberal' portrayed here, a ruthless partisan of tremendous skill and energy.

"Also revealed in book form for the first time are his political scandals and the fascinating role of his power-lobbyist wife. Frankly partisan, this book reveals the Tom Daschle hidden from most Americans."

Wow…sounds like something I could write.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Daschle to join filibuster on abortion ban
I have been posting reports on the Senate Democrats stalling the partial-birth abortion ban in conference with the House. A new report shows the strategy may include a filibuster:

Both the Senate and House of Representatives have passed bills banning a procedure widely known as "partial-birth abortion," but the two versions must be reconciled and approved by both chambers before being sent to the White House for President Bush's signature. Liberals are hoping that the final version will be unacceptable to at least six Senate Democrats who initially voted for the ban, paving the way for a filibuster.

And who are those six Senators:

Observers say the six Democrats most likely to drop their support for the bill and join a filibuster are Harkin, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle and Tim Johnson of South Dakota, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Evan Bayh of Indiana and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

WorldNetDaily reports on China's role in creating the danger of Middle East weapons of mass destruction.

Update: My August 25th post titled "Clinton and China" ties the China missile technology to Loral, a firm Linda Daschle lobbies for.

Also check out South Dakota Politics breaking news (BECK AND NYT GOT IT WRONG) regarding Linda Daschle's lobbying efforts for Boeing.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Another follow-up on Hildebrand’s Argus editorial controversy
It was one week ago today that Tom Daschle’s campaign manager, Steve Hildebrand, ran a letter to the editor in the Argus Leader. It violated the Argus Leader exclusive policy because the same letter ran a couple of days earlier in the Rapid City journal. Here is part of it:

Tom and Linda Daschle own a home in Aberdeen. They pay property taxes on that home each year. Sen. Daschle has a South Dakota driver's license and is registered to vote here. No credible person has ever questioned his South Dakota residency and his qualifications to run for the U.S. Senate.

Ms. Pence is quoting from a right-wing attack story that was filled with false information. The homestead deduction is available to any homeowner in D.C. who qualifies, and because Linda Daschle pays D.C. income taxes, she qualifies on behalf of the Daschles. This does not disqualify Sen. Daschle in any way.

Today the National Review Online ran a Stephen Moore Op-Ed. Here is the counter to the Hildebrand propaganda:

Could Daschle be legally prohibited from running for reelection because he no longer lives in South Dakota?

The Daschle campaign team has swiftly transitioned into crisis-management mode. The press release the campaign released explains away the predicament this way: "Linda Daschle works in DC and pays income taxes in DC. That makes Linda Daschle eligible for the homestead exemption on behalf of the Daschles."
Okay, let me get this straight. Linda lives in D.C. and Tom lives in South Dakota. Sounds like somebody needs couples therapy!

The press release further explains that "there is no question that Tom Daschle is a South Dakota resident. He has a South Dakota driver's license. He has South Dakota plates on his car." And then the trump card: "He pays South Dakota taxes." The only thing Daschle doesn't do it seems, is actually reside in South Dakota.

Who would ever thought by the way, that the leader of the Democratic party would be such a fanatic about tax avoidance? South Dakota has no income tax and D.C. is a tax hell. This tax-happy senator saves thousands of dollars every year on his income taxes by filing as a South Dakotan.

This issue was broke by Jeff Gannon of Talon News, which I forwarded to both Argus Leader executive editor Randell Beck and reporter David Kranz. It was not covered. Instead Tom Daschle’s campaign manager is allowed to issue his press release in the form of a letter to the editor. A letter that was in violation of the Argus Leader exclusive policy.

Last Monday I emailed proof of this violation the Argus Leader publisher Arnold Garson and also Randell Beck. I got no response so I confronted Beck on the Wednesday Argus on Air segment of Greg Belfrage’s Straight Talk. Beck said he was going to look into it. So I followed up with an email which has not been responded to.

I guess Randell Beck has been too busy writing fictitious columns about how accurate, truthful, and fair the Argus Leader coverage has been…to tell us the truth about how Daschle’s campaign manager gained an unfair advantage over other Argus Leader letter writers on an issue the Argus Leader has neglected to cover. And accurate…remember the front page Daschle is running for President embarrassment?

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