Thursday, September 18, 2003

The Tom Daschle Michael Moore connection
I made a post on 8/23/03 regarding a London based report on the possible Wesley Clark presidential bid that included this revelation:

In Congress, the two most senior Democrats, the House of Representatives' minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate's minority leader, Tom Daschle, have both privately supported Clark.

Then last Friday Michael Moore showed his support for Wesley Clark:

In addition to being first in your class at West Point, a four star general from Arkansas, and the former Supreme Commander of NATO -- enough right there that should give pause to any peace-loving person -- I have discovered that...
1. You oppose the Patriot Act and would fight the expansion of its powers.
2. You are firmly pro-choice.
3. You filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in support of the University of Michigan's affirmative action case.
4. You would get rid of the Bush tax "cut" and make the rich pay their fair share.
5. You respect the views of our allies and want to work with them and with the rest of the international community.
6. And you oppose war. You have said that war should always be the "last resort" and that it is military men such as yourself who are the most for peace because it is YOU and your soldiers who have to do the dying. You find something unsettling about a commander-in-chief who dons a flight suit and pretends to be Top Gun, a stunt that dishonored those who have died in that flight suit in the service of their country.
General Clark, last night I finally got to meet you in person. I would like to share with others what I said to you privately: You may be the person who can defeat George W. Bush in next year's election.

If the above list isn’t far-left enough, then consider the Trotsky connection of Tom Daschle and Michael Moore.

Tom Daschle’s connection can be found in 1968 when he was the President of the South Dakota State University political science club. Twice Daschle’s club allowed the Socialist Workers Party to spread their communist propaganda on campus. Here is a 5/22/68 excerpt from the South Dakota Collegian:

They explained that the Socialist Workers Party is fundamentally Marxist. It was formed in 1928 when the struggle broke out between Stalin and Trotsky.

Widgerson said that Stalin was a bureaucrat and that Trotsky remained true to the principle of world revolution.

Michael Moore’s Trotsky connection can be found in a recent NRA column regarding his fictitious documentary, Bowling For Columbine. This is a long excerpt, but the time spent understanding it is very worth while:

On Feb. 29, 2000, the nation and the world was shocked by the murder of 6-year-old Kayla Rolland at her school by a 6-year-old classmate.
Headlines from the March 1, 2000, Detroit Free Press—which covered every aspect of the case in depth—told the story: “Boy’s home ‘shameful’ —Police find drugs in trash-strewn residence.” The lead of that story read, “The first grader started his days amid drugs, stolen guns, ammunition and scattered trash at his uncle’s home, where he and his 8-year-old brother were left by their mother a week ago.”
Or this: “The family portrait: Crack, crime and jail—Boy’s pattern was cut by generations before.”
The story said, “The boy’s father, Dedric Owens, is in jail for a parole violation. So is an uncle, Sir-Marcus Winfrey, on a stolen property warrant. The boy’s mother, Tamarla Owens, is ‘involved with drugs’ and allegedly abused the boy’s older brother, according to court filings.”
These were critical elements to understanding why this terrible event happened. But not one word of any of this sad depravity made it into Moore’s coverage. Instead, Moore launches into a truly weird rap about the conditions that led to the 6-year-old pulling the trigger.
“Tamarla Owens was the mother of the 6-year-old boy,” Moore says in the film. “In order to get food stamps and health care for her children, Tamarla was forced to work as part of the state of Michigan’s welfare to work program.
“This program was so successful in tossing poor people off welfare that its founder, Gerald Miller, was soon hired by the number one firm in the nation that states turned to privatize their welfare systems. That firm was Lockheed Martin.”
“With the cold war over and no enemy left to frighten the public, Lockheed had found the perfect way to diversify and the perfect way to profit from the people’s fears with an enemy much closer to home—the black mothers like Tamarla Owens.”
This is his connection between Columbine and Flint and the military industrial complex—the engine Moore believes is running the Great Satan. And it’s his connection to white racism.
The film didn’t include a word about what the mainstream media had been reporting worldwide—just a riff about workfare, fear and race. Nothing about drugs, stolen guns, the crack house where the kid stayed.
Why would Moore leave these salient facts out? And where did Moore’s workfare rant come from?
Perusing a well-known Web search engine—Google—perhaps provides the answer. Type in the string, “Tamarla Owens,” and you get a list of articles with headlines from the Detroit Free Press, the Associated Press and newspapers worldwide, all echoing the horrible truth about the abusive conditions the child/murderer lived under.
But there is one that jumps off the page—one that is much different than the others. The headline reads:
“Michigan school shooting: a tragic consequence of u.s. welfare ‘reform.’”
Click on the link and you find the article. There it is—point by point identical to Moore’s thesis. And at the top of the article is a masthead: World Socialist Web site. The date on the piece is April 28, 2000.
That site has a very good internal search engine. Type in “Littleton,” and you get a series of articles and editorials on the Columbine murders—all saying precisely what Moore says about that as well.
The article, “A nation at war … with itself,” refers to “the corrosive impact on this society of the death and destruction that America visits upon people beyond its borders.”
Another article, “the Columbine High School massacre: American Pastoral … American Berserk,” says, “The deed itself represented an extreme application of the selfish and inhuman attitudes that are commonplace in American society today … .”
That is exactly what Moore says in his movie, and it is what he says consistently in interviews, both before and since.
If you wonder who these seers are who share Michael Moore’s vision, click on the link, “About wsws.” Here’s what you get:
“The World Socialist Web site is the Internet center of the International Committee of the Fourth International (icfi) … The standpoint of this Web site is one of revolutionary opposition to the capitalist market system. Its aim is the establishment of world socialism.”
So what on earth is the icfi? The answer is just a click of the computer mouse away.
“The International Committee of the Fourth International (icfi) is the leadership of the world socialist movement, the Fourth International Founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938 … .”
Ain’t the Internet grand!
Did these self-proclaimed “Trotskyites” rip off Michael Moore’s thesis? The answer is “no,” as their articles predate Moore’s film.
So is this plagiarism, inspiration or coincidence?

Mitchell, SD hit by anti-Christian bias
It was reported yesterday that Mitchell Superintendent Joe Graves has canceled today’s Gideon Bible distribution, due to one parental complaint:

According to Graves, the schools were trying to follow the guidelines for the separation of church and state while following constitutional law regarding free exercise of speech and religion.

Today’s Mitchell Daily Republic ran a wishy-washy editorial about the controversy:

The Mitchell School District made the right decision in not allowing its personnel to be involved even in a minor way with the distribution of the New Testament.

Because of safety concerns, school staff had planned to help students cross the street to where the Bibles were to be distributed today. Even that practice has been deemed by the district to have crossed the line of that often quoted but purely mythical “separation of church and state.” No such language exists in the U.S. Constitution.

So the District made the wrong decision...but then comes the wishy-washy part:

Involving school staff in any way in distributing the Bible to young school children could be construed as trying to convert them to Christianity. Not necessarily, but possibly.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Back from Vacation
I am now back from a little R&R in the Black Hills. That wasn’t all that easy. The idea of getting away from it all for awhile quickly changed when I arrived at Keystone. I was welcomed with a big sign that said, “The Borglum Story narrated by Tom Daschle”. Needless to say, I decided not to stop at Keystone.

Then while at Crazy Horse, I found a display showcasing Bill Clinton’s 1999 visit in the Native American Cultural Center. I immediately pronounced, “A white man that speaks with forked tongue."

Finally a relaxing drive on the needles highway on a beautiful evening followed by a walk at Sylvan Lake.

Now I am back at the grind.

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