Monday, September 22, 2003

Big Thank You to South Dakota Politics
It is only right I give Jason Van Beek, of South Dakota Politics, thanks for referring to by letter to the editor in yesterday’s Argus letter. It was his post on 2/09/03 that first alerted me to the David Kranz column that contained the innuendo that I lead off my letter with.

I would hope that others would make the effort to write letters to the editor of the Argus Leader and other South Dakota newspapers. If we don’t, then the political atmosphere will be controlled by the powers to be. Obviously my letter uncovered the Argus Leader’s sensitivity as to their owner…media giant Gannett.

The will of the people can not prevail unless we use the First Amendment right and speak out.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Sibby Online in the Argus Leader
Much to some people’s surprise, today's Argus Leader ran my letter to the editor regarding the Loral connection to the Daschle’s. They could not print it with out censoring a few words, which are in bold:

David Kranz's Feb. 9 column broke the news about John Thune's new job with Arent Fox and then he added this innuendo, "A recent Associated Press story said that firm represents the pharmaceutical industry trade group that fought against adding prescription drug benefit to Medicare."

Since then, more than 10 letters to the editor have charged Thune with being responsible for the high cost of prescription drugs. Based on that far-left logic, Linda Daschle must be responsible for terrorists having weapons of mass destruction given the following points:

• Middle East Newsline reports that, "The intelligence community has determined China teamed up with North Korea to produce and deliver components for Iran's missile and weapons-of-mass-destruction programs."

• In 2002, Loral paid $14 million in fines for providing sensitive missile technology to China.

• In 2001, Loral paid $460,000 to Linda Daschle's firm for lobbying by her and four colleagues.

This paper prints innuendo about John Thune, used as fodder by Sen. Tom Daschle's,D-S.D., army of letter-writers, but fails to disclose the above set of points. If Thune had married Linda Hall, this paper's coverage of the above points would have been more Janklow-like. That marriage would not have changed this Gannett owned paper from shielding its readers about Loral's $13,500 contribution to Daschle's 1998 Senate campaign.

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