Monday, September 29, 2003

Gannett leading the liberal bias in SD
A Jeff Gannon of Talon News provided insight as to the source of liberal bias in South Dakota with a report titled, “Liberal Journalists Lambaste Fox News at South Dakota Event”:

On Thursday, the University of South Dakota dedicated the $5 million Al Neuharth Media Center on the USD campus. A two-day celebration marked the renovation of the building constructed as an athletic facility in 1928 that was funded by the Freedom Forum and the USD Foundation.

Neuharth, a 1950 USD graduate, founded USA TODAY, the nation's largest daily newspaper in 1982. He also established the Freedom Forum in 1991 as successor to a foundation started in 1935 by newspaper publisher Frank E. Gannett. The Gannett Company publishes USA Today, and Gannett is the America's largest newspaper group in terms of circulation. The company's 100 daily newspapers in the U.S. have a combined daily paid circulation of 7.7 million. Neuharth is a former Gannett Company chairman.

Gannett also owns South Dakota's largest newspaper, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. The Argus Leader was the subject of a Talon News investigation of bias by its long-time political writer David Kranz.

A panel discussion highlighted the two-day celebration that dealt with media fairness. Participants included Robert MacNeil, former host of Public Broadcasting's "The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour", John Siegenthaler, founder of the First Amendment Center, Louis Boccardi and Tom Curley of the Associated Press, and Judy Woodruff, CNN anchor.

This link (via South Dakota Politics) provides the Fox News attack by Robert MacNiel. Mitchell Daily Republic publisher Noel Hamiel did ask a question at the very end in defense of Fox News.

Earlier in the day I attended the building dedication. At about the one hour-twenty minute point of this link, you will find conclusive evidence of the liberal nature of this day when Al Neuharth said that if George McGovern had defeated Richard Nixon in the election of 1972, we all would be a heck of a lot better off.

There is no doubt that the liberal bias at universities, that David Horowitz warned us about, is alive and dangerous at the University of South Dakota.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Daschle’s long history of promoting gun control
In the Spring of 1968, Daschle was in charge of a mock Democratic convention at SDSU. In the last minutes of that convention he removed the approved platform at the last minute because he was "too conservative", after a majority of conservatives at left the convention.

One area that was changed the day before was the gun control measure that would require the registration of firearms. Registration of firearms is one of those so-called sensible gun control schemes that are being promoted by today's liberals.

Daschle’s true colors regarding the second amendment appeared to me in 1999. It was Daschle’s support for Clinton’s anti-gun legislation in response to the Columbine school shooting. On May 20, 1999 Daschle (and Tim Johnson) voted Yea on Vote Number 104, which it titled the Lautenberg Amendment to S. 254. The amendment attempted to treat ordinary citizens as Federal agents if you attended a gun show. It also added an unspecified and unlimited tax on gun sales and broke the ground for gun registration. Since the voted ended in a 50-50 tie, Al Gore broke the tie by voting Yea. Fortunately a month later, the House of Representatives refused to approve the anti-gun legislation.

The House action was protested a year later with a Million Mom March by the anti-gun zealots. Despite not coming even close to having a million moms in attendance, on May 17, 2000 Daschle introduced Daschle Amendment No. 3148 to S. 2521 in order to express the sense of the Senate in support to the Million Mom March:

(1) the organizers, sponsors, and participants of the Million Mom March should be commended for rallying to demand sensible gun safety legislation; and
(2) Congress should immediately pass a conference report to accompany H.R. 1501, the Violent and Repeat Juvenile Offender Accountability and Rehabilitation Act, before the Memorial Day Recess, and include the Lautenberg-Kerrey gun show loophole amendment and the other Senate-passed provisions designed to limit access to firearms by juveniles, convicted felons, and other persons prohibited by law from purchasing or possessing firearms.

A recent Talon News report on Daschle’s S. 22 shows he hasn’t given up an anti-gun legislation by attacking guns shows. Here is an excerpt:

Yet, in Part 6, Sec. 5251 of the bill entitled "Closing the Gun Show Loophole," Daschle attempts to blame the 4,400 gun shows and flea markets that are held each year for the violent crimes committed with firearms.
Daschle says guns shows and flea markets bring thousands of people to them where hundreds of guns are purchased that make up a majority of the firearms sold annually in the United States. He adds that many of the guns and ammunition that are sold at gun shows and flea markets are then illegally smuggled across state borders by both buyers and sellers in violation of interstate commerce laws.
Daschle also asserts that gun shows and flea markets allow anyone to purchase a gun "anonymously, often without background checks." He fears that these are the same guns that are eventually used to commit crimes, because he alleges they cannot be traced.
Daschle concludes that "gun violence is a pervasive, national problem that is exacerbated by the availability of guns" at these gun shows and flea markets. He argues that because Congress has the constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce, all gun sales at gun shows and flea markets must be stopped.

This is in stark contrast to Friday’s Argus Leader report on Daschle’s support of the NRA backed bill to stop lawsuits against the gun industry for the actions of criminals who use guns. With re-election just around the corner, Daschle has enough political common sense to back that bill. If he was truly a strong second Amendment supporter, he would withdraw his S. 22.

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