Friday, October 10, 2003

Sibby Online censored
In the October 2003 issue of Dakota Country Magazine, Tony Dean wrote this in regard to concealed carry:

While some in the pro-gun crowd view this as a freedom issue, I wonder where, in either Dakota, we find ourselves so in need of personal protection that we must pack a piece? I have no problem with keeping a gun handy in a home, but jamming one inside your waistband before you head for the grocery seems like overkill and certainly doesn’t endear gun owners to those who aren’t opposed to guns but are to people carrying them in public places.

I then wrote this letter to the editor:

Your October 2003 issue contained a letter from Mike McKenzie regarding plat books. Your response was, “ As far as Mr. Wells’ “perspective”, his credibility, like all writers of Dakota Country, is accurate and done with utmost integrity. That’s what makes Dakota Country the great magazine it is.”

Unfortunately, Dakota Country does have a couple of writers whose lack of credibility is sending sportsman down the wrong trail. Example was the Tony Dean comments on concealed carry starting on page 40 of your October issue. He has every right to believe the primary purpose of a gun is hunting. What he doesn’t understand, nor is he willing to discuss, is that the primary purpose of the Second Amendment is self-defense. This is also clearly stated in South Dakota’s constitution in regard to the right to bear arms.

During the 2002 elections, Tony Dean mislead sportsman by proclaiming Tim Johnson to be a strong second Amendment supporter. Johnson voted in support of the anti-gunners Million Mom March and its operatives which included Rosie O’Donnell. In April 1999, Rosie said that hunters who felt they have rights to own guns should be thrown in jail. Since Tony Dean himself is not a strong Second Amendment supporter as evidenced by his comments on concealed carry, why should he be relied on to overrule the NRA’s endorsement of a political candidate?

If you want to defend Tony Dean’s credibility, first ask him why his Pierre address and phone number is the same as Anthony & Darlene DECHANDT. His own web site refers to his brother Bob Dechandt. Is Tony Dean for real?

Another Dakota Country writer, Dan Nelson wrote a column defending Tony Dean for his misleading political actions last year, but used Babe Winkelman’s name as the author. In the world of journalism, that is not credible for either guy.

The conservation cause is not being helped by the inflammatory nature of Tony Dean. He has upset NRA members by falsely calling them liars. He has upset Republicans by calling them racists. The last thing sportsman, who believe in conservation need, is an inflammatory big mouth who lacks credibility and alienates major segments of the political crowd from the conservation cause. Also, the last thing sportsman need is to be misled about gun rights. Tony Dean is doing both. Dakota Country needs some cleansing before the editor can claim it is a “great magazine”.

This was the email I recieved back:

Thanks for your letter. It's a bit too inflammatory for me and I've decided not
to print it. There are parts I do not understand, and parts I don't see as
relevant to topics in the magazine, like Tony listing his name as "DeChant" in
the phone book. Anyway... sorry, but Tony and Dan deserve the right to defend
themselves on the letter, as well, and I don't want to start that process as it
will likely keep going. Thanks for your letter, your time and your
Bill Mitzel
Dakota Country Magazine
Dakota Territory

Thursday, October 09, 2003

WorldNetDaily reports on U.N rules Canada should ban spanking:

The U.N. body says Canada should "explicitly prohibit all forms of violence against children, however light, within the family, in schools and in other institutions where children might be placed."

The ruling cannot supersede national law, the Post said, but Ottawa wants to comply with the regulations to bolster the U.N.'s attempt to encourage international norms.

The United States and Somalia are the only countries that have not signed the convention, which routinely tells members appearing before its committee to pass laws banning spanking.

Monday, October 06, 2003

The Mitchell Daily Republic expressed its disapproval of a Tim Johnson mailing:

HISSES on the flier postal patrons received last week from Sen. Tim Johnson. The flier, titled “The Bottom Line,” trashes the federal tax cut and ties it to the growing federal debt. Then it moves on to a lack of economic opportunity in South Dakota, and the failure of homeland security, among other topics. While the pamphlet focuses on the problems our state and nation face, nowhere in it do we see solutions. Should the war on terrorism stop because it is costing too much? Is the Bush administration to be blamed for this state’s population loss, along with everything else? We would encourage our senator to send out another flier to postal patrons, and in it offer concrete solutions to the problems his recent mailer so forcefully identifies.

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