Thursday, November 27, 2003

Daschle’s clout is now a mystery
After Daschle couldn’t stop fellow Senate democrats from filibustering the Energy bill that contained Daschle’s prized ethanol legislation, I pointed out the lack of clout to the most supportive Daschle Democrats I personally know. None seemed able to respond.

Today Jeff Gannon has a Talon News report that details a liberal group that is blaming Daschle for the Democrats recent screw up on the Medicare Bill. South Dakotans need to understand just how much of a loser Daschle is.
Boeing 767 lease scandal update
On Tuesday it was reported that two Boeing executives were fired for their unethical conduct in the $21 billion lease of 100 767s to the Air Force. On 2/14/2002 Linda Daschle signed a lobbying report that included the legislation containing the now scandal ridden deal. I would sure like to now more about her role.

Argus Leader not thankful on Thanksgiving
Today’s Thanksgiving issue of the Argus Leader has a front-page, above the fold negative attack on the newest government handout…the $395 billion Medicare bill.

The report covered those who were unthankful for the new benefits...obviously the attitudes were a result of the far-left propaganda I have been noting on this issue. Note this un-American excerpt:

Erickson says he is disappointed the bill fails to outline a comprehensive program for reimporting prescription drugs from Canada. But he is more dismayed that reimportation is even an issue.

"We pay the highest drug costs in the world, and that's very disappointing," Erickson says. "We can walk past the border and get it for less, but I would just as soon deal with my own pharmacist who knows what medication I take."

Then comes the standard far-left fear mongering:

Bortnem has a more fundamental fear.

"I heard one day somebody say this was the first step in getting rid of Medicare entirely," she says.

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