Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Tony Dean not running for Congress
Tony Dean, who has the same Pierre address and phone number as Anthony DeChandt, posted on his web site an email from one who asked if he is running for Congress. Dean’s response:

I made the decision some time back that Whasington[SIC] DC was not for me. At the same time, I realized that I could do more for conservation by watching...and reporting on what happens...and by keeping my fellow sportsmen alert to what their elected officials are up to.

Tony Dean could do more for conservation by telling the truth. If you spend the time reading his web site, you will find Tony Dean to be Anti-Bush, largely based on the issue of the wetlands. On 12/16/03, EPA administrator Michael O. Leavitt announced it would not remove federal protection of wetlands:

"At the root of this is a commitment from the Bush administration to achieve the goal of no net loss of wetlands," he said, adding that these waters "function as nature's kidneys."

In 2004 I would not be surprised to be hearing Tony Dean misrepresent President Bush on the wetlands, just has he misrepresented Tim Johnson on the Second Amendment.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Daschle tied to Patriot Act abuse
A WorldNetDaily report (via Insight magazine) titled, “PATRIOT Act used to snag Rush Limbaugh?” ties Tom Daschle to the legislation on money laundering that is now currently used on non-terrorist Americans. This is what was included regarding Title III, the section covering the issue of money laundering:

After 9-11, Republican House leaders and the Bush administration wanted it considered only as separate legislation but, as confirmed by a LexisNexis database search of this period, Democrats were adamant that it be attached to the USA PATRIOT Act. To do otherwise is "just something we cannot accept," then Senate majority leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., was quoted as saying in October 2001 by The Hill newspaper.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., now campaigning for president and vigorously criticizing the USA PATRIOT Act and Ashcroft, complained at the time that Republicans were trying to remove the money-laundering provisions "by fiat." An October 2001 Associated Press article quoted Kerry as declaring, "This is not a moment for politics as usual to rear its ugly head in the Capitol." The article noted that Kerry "underlined the political influence of Texas bankers."

The senatorial offices of Daschle, Sarbanes and Kerry did not return Insight calls asking for their views about the nonterrorism uses of the USA PATRIOT Act provisions they championed, and neither did Kerry's presidential campaign.

Newsmax.com reporter Wes Vernon has written that Daschle and Sarbanes did not answer his inquiries about their roles in creating this part of the act either.

The Wes Vernon report mentioned at the end contains this comment:

According to an AP dispatch dated Nov. 10, Daschle said that “while he’s not ready to support repealing the Patriot Act, he is skeptical of the way it’s been used by the White House and said there is ‘a lot of concern about the assault on civil liberties.’” He has had nothing to say about the Vegas case despite requests by NewsMax for his comment.

The senator’s attempt to position himself to jump either way on a law he helped to write fits right in with remarks that former Vice President Al Gore delivered before the left-wing group Moveon.org, originally formed to shield Bill Clinton from impeachment. The 2000 loser urged President Bush to rescind the entire law, even though it resembles what Gore himself had proposed.

Just as the Patriot Act is a bipartisan legislative product, so too is the current effort to amend it with in the Craig-Durbin SAFE bill, as reported by NewsMax. But 2004 looms, and the Senate minority leader, as many Hill watchers see it, is proving once again that “bipartisan” in Daschle-speak means Democrats get the credit and the GOP gets the blame.

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