Saturday, January 24, 2004

Argus Leader covers HB 1191, But not Kranz
In today’s Argus Leader is a Terry Woster report on HB 1191, the bill to ban abortion in South Dakota. On the front-page is a David Kranz report about abortion, but does not mention the bill. Instead Kranz is too busy digging up dirt on Republicans that can be used to create negative attacks.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Al Neuharth promotes myth
Today Al Neuharth ran a column in the USATODAY that argued he was politically independent. Here is an excerpt:

Finally, in 1974, when I grew up at age 50, I realized that I wisely had been voting for the person, not the party, all my life. So, I made it official by registering under the ''No Party'' category in my adopted state of Florida.

In a 11/10/2003 post I mentioned the statement made by Neuharth regarding the 1972 Presidential race. He boldly announced that we all would be a lot better off if McGovern had defeated Nixon. In a more recent post I covered a Pat Buchanan column that included this point:

For generations, our media elite have fed the people the party line that journalists are objective and neutral observers who call it as they see it, concerned only with fairness, truth and accuracy, and who are ever on guard to keep their opinions out of their copy. The media have a vested interest in perpetuating this myth.

But it is not the truth. In many cases, it is wholesale consumer fraud. Almost everyone in journalism, and much of the public, knows it.

As we all know Randell Beck the Executive Editor of the Argus Leader is also guilty of spreading the myth that it’s political reporter David Kranz is objective. As I have also noted in the past, both the USATODAY and the Argus Leader is owned by east-coast media giant Gannett.
Argus Leader silent
WorldNetDaily has a report on HB1191, the bill that will ban abortion in South Dakota. Also, the Mitchell Daily Republic ran a front-page report (they did not put it on their web site). I could not find it today in the Gannett owned Argus Leader. I checked the state by state news section of the USATODAY, which is also owned by Gannett. It was not in there neither. Looks like the Argus Leader is following the lead of their parent company.

This issue is embarrassing to Democrats Stephanie Herseth and Tom Daschle. This explains the reluctance of the Argus Leader to run a major news story. Last summer I emailed the Argus Leader stories regarding the ban on partial birth abortion, which never got coverage. It will be interested if and how the Argus Leader will cover this issue…and at the same time, protect the two Democrats running for seats in Washington DC where the issue is very partisan.
More Tony Dean far-left propaganda
Not only has Tony Dean promoted anti-gun ideas at his web site, he also believes the government should be able to tell us how to live our lives. Here is an example taken from his web site:

Kim should buy some property in town. We have covenants in some areas that state you can not leave your garage door open while unattended ----- and that's perpetual. One area of my home town does not allow swing sets for children ----- and that's perpetual. Many cities have easements on property in residential areas that state no alcohol can be consumed on the property ------ and that's perpetual. In some larger cities, the air space above a certain level (lets say 10 stories) has been sold via an easement, to an adjoining property owner (landowner) so the purchaser has a clear view -------- and that is perpetual. If you want to build on or alter your property, you are subject zoning, building covenants, easements and at least 2 or 3 inspection departments or boards.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Matt McCaulley introduces HB1191 which bans abortion in South Dakota.

Update: There is more about this at the Thomas More web site.

Daschle’s partisanship
Today’s Mitchell Daily Republic editorial is critical of Daschle’s negative partisan response to the President’s State of the Union address:

We weren’t impressed with the message when the Republicans gave it during the Clinton years, and we weren’t impressed with the one given Tuesday night by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle.
Here’s why:
The president, as required by the Constitution, must report to the country on its state of affairs. He does this as the leader of this nation. Of this union of states. It’s not only the chief executive’s duty to report, it’s also his main opportunity to spell out the progress and problems he sees, and the solutions and goals he has for the nation. It’s ironic, therefore, that the nation’s highest elected official giving this report on our “union” is torn to pieces by the opposing party moments after he has finished making his comments.

Where’s the Pork?
There is an interesting letter in today’s Argus Leader from Bob L. Ellis of Rapid City. It is amazing how truthful one can be when you don’t have to be a politician:

The assertion of your Dec. 27 editorial that the reason we need an early election of someone to represent South Dakota in the House is to get our share of the pork pie is shameful. What is even more shameful is that you brazenly admit that pork procurement has become our greatest priority.

Instead of sending someone to Washington to represent the voice of South Dakotans in developing law and policy which will guide and protect this nation, it's all about what we can rob from the taxpayers of this and the other 49 states.

We would all do well to recall what Thomas Jefferson said of unconstitutional spending:"Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated."

No, it doesn't matter whether an early or a regular election time benefits Democrats or Republicans. What matters is doing the ethical thing. We don't need to spend half a million dollars of the South Dakota taxpayers' money so that we can send someone to Washington two months early to scuffle over the tax dollars of taxpayers in other states. South Dakotans should be above such shameless greed.

East coast media giant expands influence
The Argus Leader, which is owned by Gannett, reports on its buy out of a locally owned newspaper. This only increases the monopoly of the east coast liberal media on South Dakota’s politics. Here is the entire report:

The Argus Leader has purchased the Tea and Harrisburg Champion, a weekly newspaper serving a growing area of northern Lincoln County.

The Champion will join the Argus Leader's Prairie Publications group, which includes weekly newspapers in the communities of Dell Rapids, Brandon, Garretson and Baltic.

The purchase price was not disclosed.

Arnold Garson, president and publisher of the Argus Leader, said the rapid growth in northern Lincoln County made the Champion a logical addition to Prairie Publications.

"Looking ahead, we see the increasing need to serve the rapidly growing communities around Sioux Falls with in-depth local news and advertising content," Garson said. "The synergies between the Argus Leader and the suburban newspapers will help us better serve these areas."

Jim Wilber, general manager of Prairie Publications, will assume management responsibility for the Champion.

Wilber recently oversaw Prairie Publications' transition from a tabloid format with black and white photographs to a broadsheet format with full-color. He said Champion readers can expect a similar upgrade in the coming months.

"I think we can take it to the next level in terms of layout, design and color capability," he said. "But we will not waver one bit in our commitment to local news, local photos and the kind of content that makes up a community newspaper."

The Champion was launched by editor and publisher Mark Haugen in July 1999 and has a circulation of nearly 1,000.

"It's gone about as well as we ever could have imagined," Haugen said. "The communities are growing, and they've really supported us. It's been a lot of fun.

"It was a tough decision to sell, but it was a good offer at the right time. This will enable me and my family to pursue other things."

The Argus Leader is owned by the Gannett Co. Inc., the nation's largest newspaper company.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

What was Daschle thinking?
Here is an excerpt from Daschle’s response to the State of the Union address:
For the last couple of weeks, I've been traveling through my home state of South Dakota, visiting the people and small towns that are America's backbone. And the folks I met were asking something, too: "What about us? When do our priorities become America's priorities?"

After 25 years of Daschle…why are people in South Dakota asking, “What about us?” I thought Daschle’s clout made South Dakota a priority? At least that is what‘s been promoted by the South Dakota Democrats and the Argus Leader. The clout myth can be exposed by this SDP post via South Dakota State’s Jon Lauck:

Instead of a classic campaign of clashing issues, Daschle wants the campaign in South Dakota to be about personality, image and “clout.” Daschle hopes the accumulation of personal contact over the years and his “ability to deliver” will carry him through....
The “clout” argument is also rapidly evaporating. Experts agree that with Senate retirements in the South the chances of Daschle becoming Majority Leader again are negligible. And his ability to “deliver” was seriously questioned after he failed to pass the energy bill, perhaps the single most important piece of legislation to South Dakota in 20 years because of the ethanol provisions.

Frankenfeld…the Tony Dean of 2004
The Don Frankenfeld letter to the editor in the Black Hills Pioneer also ran last week in the Mitchell Daily Republic. SDP has already discredited this guy based on his own web site(Senator Daschle lauds ATLA, Trail Lawyers Care and Don Frankenfeld link). Daschle promoted Frankenfeld’s business at a trial lawyer’s conference in San Francisco last July.

A Republican misleading South Dakota as he promotes a Democrat for Senate reminds me of Tony Dean in 2002.
For truth in journalism
Randell Beck, the Executive Editor of the Argus Leader has touted Pat Buchanan as an independent minded conservative who deserves space in the Argus Leader. So I emailed Beck the Buchanan column titled, “For truth in journalism” that ran on WorldNetDaily today. Here is an excerpt:

For generations, our media elite have fed the people the party line that journalists are objective and neutral observers who call it as they see it, concerned only with fairness, truth and accuracy, and who are ever on guard to keep their opinions out of their copy. The media have a vested interest in perpetuating this myth.
But it is not the truth. In many cases, it is wholesale consumer fraud. Almost everyone in journalism, and much of the public, knows it.

You can check Beck’s columns and find that he is guilty of spreading the myth that the Argus Leader coverage of politics in South Dakota is objective, neutral, fair, accurate, and truthful. Here is more from Buchanan’s column:

Years back, a survey was taken among the Washington press corps, asking them to name the candidate they had voted for. The returns that came back were astonishing. McGovern and Mondale, both of whom lost 49 states, had crushed Nixon and Reagan among the media elite by four- and five-to-one. Only African-Americans had voted as solidly liberal and Democratic.
This shredded any pretense that the Washington media elite was a mirror of America. But, as it was the truth, and the truth shall make your free, why should not the people know the political leanings of those feeding them the "news" about the candidates and causes they cover?
The question, finally, is this: Do the people have a right to know the biases of the people from whom they get almost all their information about politics, politicians, candidates and causes? Seems to me that an honest journalist has to answer yes.
Why not a media policy of openness? All journalists are not only permitted to, but encouraged to participate fully in the political process through contributions. Moreover, they are encouraged to reveal in public forums whom they voted for, and why.
Media organizations would list all political contributions of their journalists on a website, so the public could judge whether the coverage and commentary was truly fair and balanced, or whether reporters titled toward the candidates who got their contributions.
Call it truth in journalism.

Even though I brought this column to Beck’s attention, I doubt it will see Argus Leader ink.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

SDP Moved
South Dakota Politics moved to a new web site. There you will find a post titled, “Argus influencing public opinion”. More proof of the bias at the Gannett owned newspaper. My copy of Journalistic Fraud is about to be shipped by Amazon.

Food Tax?
Today’s Mitchell Daily Republic ran a Heritage Foundation column regarding poverty that contained this:

As a group, America's poor are far from being chronically undernourished. The average consumption of protein, vitamins, and minerals is virtually the same for poor and middle-class children and, in most cases, is well above recommended norms. Poor children actually consume more meat than do higher-income children and have average protein intakes 100 percent above recommended levels. Most poor children today are, in fact, supernourished and grow up to be, on average, one inch taller and 10 pounds heavier that the GIs who stormed the beaches of Normandy in World War II.

Then there is this Reuters report regarding the UN's plan to fight obesity:

The United States, where two-thirds of adults are overweight, succeeded Tuesday in stalling a global plan to fight an obesity epidemic.

There are even Poverty and Obesity conferences. Isn’t it amazing how the far-left creates a problem with their socialism, but then fails to recognize it? Now the Democrats in South Dakota are pushing to remove sales tax on food. Next they will be pushing for a sin tax on fat grams. Whoops, State Income Tax...then sin tax on fat grams. Don't believe me...then go back to the Reuters report on the UN:

It recommends a lower intake of sugar, sodium and artery-clogging trans-fatty acids and suggests governments set taxation and subsidy policies to promote healthy eating habits.

Tony Dean still hurting from 2002
Tony Dean posted this comment regarding his relationship with Dakota Magazine:

I had submitted a story about comments made by SD Ag Secretary, Larry Gabriel. The article dealt with his views and why I felt they were incompatible with mine. On deadline day, the story was rejected by Kevin Hipple, the Publisher of the magazine.

He said he couldn't run it because he is still sensitive about the criticism he received because of my activity during the last election. He noted that he lost some subscribers.

Sibby receives threatening phone call
Had a strange phone at about 6:15 tonight. My wife answered the phone and the person asked for Steven. When I answered the first question was about when I was going to quit my job, sell my house, and go to work for Thune.

I played along for awhile thinking it was someone I knew having some fun. Later I realized the guy had no sense of humor. The conversation turned to my editorials bashing Daschle. After some debate, the male caller said I was to be careful when writing letters bashing Daschle. The number the call originated from was 404-461-9978, which is unlisted in the state of Georgia.
Proof of Argus Leader far-left bias
A fact-based letter to the editor from John W. Hagerman was published in today’s Argus Leader that demonstrates the far-left bias of the Argus Leader:

Your political cartoon on Dec. 26 exceeded the normal liberal nature of the Argus Leader, and went far beyond irresponsible.

It depicted Dick Cheney look-alikes waving bags of money and Iraq contracts signed by George W. Bush. The slightest bit of research would prove this was nothing but the same falsehoods spouted by Howard Dean and his ilk.

Fact - the contracts to rebuild Iraq were part of a giant defense organization known as Logistics Civil Augmentation Program created in the Clinton administration. Its purpose was to be able to do quick, short-notice jobs without the long bidding process. Under LOGCAP the Army makes a deal with a single contractor to perform a wide range of unspecified services. LOGCAP was competitively bid. Halliburton won the last bidding competition in 2001. During Clinton's administration a contractor other than Halliburton won the bidding. Clinton elected to stay with Halliburton to finishÊwork started in the Balkans.

Democratic hopefuls have charged Halliburton with war profiteering in the purchase and delivery of fuel. Halliburton was only following inflexible demands by the Army Corps of Engineers. Halliburton made very little profit from the arrangement.

This cartoon struck a new low for the Argus Leader editorial department.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Daschle continues negative anti-Bush campaign
FOX News reports on the upcoming partisan rhetoric surrounding Tuesday’s State of the Union address. Here is an excerpt covering Daschle’s thoughts:

"The strength of our union depends on decent, affordable health care for all Americans and a secure retirement, policies that protect us from terrorism without forcing us to give up basic freedoms and a commitment to act as a world leader without alienating old friends and essential allies. Those are Americans' priorities. And they are what we will be listening for on Tuesday," Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., told reporters.

Notice he did not mention the economy, which is heating up thanks to Bush’s tax cuts. Instead he brings up health care. The Democrats want to raise taxes to fund a socialized medical system. Raising taxes will not only take away our economic freedom…it will reduce the economy, possibly to the point of recession.

If Daschle is worried about “our basic freedoms”, then why does he support our National Security policy being turned over to the United Nations? This is what he meant when he said, “to act as a world leader without alienating old friends and essential allies “. That is what happened in the dark days of Bill Clinton. Clinton turned the Middle East problem over to the United Nation. What did that result in? Terrorists flying our airplanes into our sky-scrappers.

I hope South Dakota will see through Daschle’s deceit. We should have learned in 1999 that he believes there is nothing wrong with Democrats lying to America. Remember Bill and Monica? Remember Daschle’s position of support for Clinton during the impeachment? Clinton thanked him and gave him a leadership position. But that leadership position is in regard to the Democratic Party. Daschle could care less about America, including South Dakota.
McGovern to endorse Wesley Clark
ABC news is reporting that George McGovern will come out in support of Wesley Clark today:

Clark, who has presented himself as a military man who opposed the war in Iraq, was to be endorsed on Sunday by 1972 Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern.
McGovern, a staunch opponent of the Vietnam war, was to campaign on Sunday with Clark in New Hampshire, Clark aides said.

The Chicagp Sun-Times reports on the Clinton connection and Michael Moore’s support:

He drew the biggest New Hampshire crowd of his campaign on Saturday afternoon, as some 2,000 people jammed bleachers at a high school gym for a rally starring the retired four-star general and a strong supporting cast: muckraking filmmaker and author Michael Moore, and a string of Clinton White House officials, including former U.S. Trade Representative Mickey Kantor and Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.).

Here is more on Moore:

Moore, an outspoken critic of the Iraq war, took aim at Dean's anti-war base of support. Clark "is our anti-war candidate," Moore said, after he described himself as "the peacenik for the general." He said he relished a debate between "the general and the deserter," a reference to a gap in documenting Bush's record of reserve duty in the Air Force National Guard.

Is Tom Daschle soon to join this far-left love-feast with his public endorsement of Clark? Clark's web site thinks its maybe so:
"In Congress, the two most senior Democrats, the House of Representatives' minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate's minority leader, Tom Daschle, have both privately supported Clark."

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