Friday, January 30, 2004

Free pro-gun book
WorldNetDaily is offering a free copy of "Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self Defense" with a one year subscription to its monthly magazine, Whistle Blower. The book makes a biblical, Christian case for individuals arming themselves with guns. Since this book supports concealed carry, it is way too pro-gun to interest Tony Dean.

I have been receiving monthly Whistle Blower magazines for almost a year. They are great! They are not as humorous as Rush Limbaugh, but just as intellectual. They are way over the heads of liberals like Tony Dean.
Democrats seek advice from liar
The Daschle v Thune blog has a post on Democrats seeking political advice from Bill Clinton. As of yet, they have not mastered the art of lying to the American people. Too many of us see right through them.

Example was Daschle’s latest propaganda campaign in South Dakota that attacked the $400 billion prescription drug benefits added to Medicare. Of course there are a few partisan Daschle supporters who he can use as useful idiots.

I was right
As I stated in my previous post, the Argus Leader did not cover the bankruptcy issue where Tom Daschle has put a higher priority over abortion than on family farmers on the front page of today's issue. I sent the text of my post to David Kranz and Randell Beck at 1PM yesterday.. No response.

Just think about all the extra food that would be needed from our family farmers if all the aborted babies were still alive.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Daschle…Abortion over Farmers
The Oakland Tribune is reporting on a partisan battle in Congress over bankruptcy Legislation. Here is the impact on farmers:

The farm bankruptcy law, also known as Chapter 12 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, would become permanent under the new House legislation.
Chapter 12, the only temporary chapter in the federal bankruptcy code, allows farmers to reorganize their debts without having to sell their farms and equipment. It was originally enacted in 1986, but has been extended every time it has expired.
Under other bankruptcy laws, debtors can be forced to sell off assets before they can reorganize their debts. But if farmers have to liquidate their equipment, they have no way to earn a living and pull out of debt, sponsors said.
The bill number is S. 1920.

But then enters the abortion issue:

The House voted 265-99 to combine the farm bankruptcy bill with the GOP bankruptcy legislation and voted down Democratic legislation to pass the farm bankruptcy legislation as a stand-alone bill.
The GOP bankruptcy legislation would make it harder for Americans to erase their debts. The House bill failed previously because Senate Democrats would not consider the bill without a provision to ban abortion protesters from using bankruptcy to avoid paying court fines for blocking clinics if they knowingly violated the law.

So where is Daschle:
Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota, who supports both the farm bankruptcy bill and the bankruptcy legislation with the Democratic abortion provision, would not commit to the House GOP bill Tuesday. He has enough votes to filibuster the bill.

Again, I found this at an Oakland, California web site. Since this news in South Dakota would be unfavorable to Daschle, I doubt the Argus Leader will have this front-page above the fold tomorrow.
Anti-gun Tony Dean
The two South Dakota pro-Second Amendment bills that I have posted support concealed carry and gun shows. Both of these issues were opposed by Tony Dean in 2002. I cannot link to them because after receiving negative feedback, he removed the anti-gun propaganda from his web site. I still have the hard copies, and I doubt you will see Tony Dean supporting SCR 3 or HB 1247.

Tony Dean may claim he owns guns and that makes him pro-gun, but he really doesn’t care about yours or my guns. That does not qualify one as a strong Second Amendment supporter. Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Chances are its a liberal.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

More good legislation
HB 1247, an Act to revise certain provisions relating to concealed handguns in certain vehicles, is also a South Dakota bill that supports the right to bear arms. Please contact both your Senate and House representatives. If any of them are on the House State Affairs Committee, it is urgent that you contact them.

Important Gun Legislation
SCR 3, which supports gun shows has passed the South Dakota Senate and is now heading to the House. Please contact your Representatives and ask them to protect one of South Dakota’s most treasured cultural gatherings:
CONCURRENT RESOLUTION, Recognizing the substantial public contribution of gun shows and discouraging inappropriate attempts to regulate or restrict them.
WHEREAS, the right of South Dakotans to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by both the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution and by the twenty- fourth section of the Bill of Rights of the South Dakota Constitution; and
WHEREAS, the revolutionary freedom of our country was secured and protected by the responsible use of firearms by law-abiding American citizens; and
WHEREAS, innumerable Americans, in and out of uniform, have given their lives to preserve our constitutional freedoms; and
WHEREAS, the lawful use of firearms is a daily occurrence, not only for sporting and
hunting purposes, but to protect our loved ones, our property, and the public safety; and
WHEREAS, gun shows provide an invaluable community-based opportunity for those law- abiding citizens who choose to exercise this facet of their constitutional rights; and
WHEREAS, gun shows aspire to be wholesome family events that generate substantial positive economic and commercial impact for our cities, counties, and state:
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Senate of the Seventy-ninth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, the House of Representatives concurring therein, that community gun shows be recognized for their many positive contributions to South Dakota and all of its citizens; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all future attempts to inappropriately regulate, restrict, encumber, or eliminate gun shows should be judiciously resisted.

Tony Dean responds
During lunch today, I received an email from Tony Dean. He doesn’t seem too happy about my last two posts. He called me “dumb”. He never was very good at discussing issues, unless you believed everything he said. I am not that stupid. Tim Johnson voted in support of the Million Mom March…and Tony thinks that makes him a strong Second Amendment supporter? Go fish Tony.
Tony Dean misleads again
Here is a comment from a post Tony Dean made about President Bush:

But, the buck stops on the President's desk. Meanwhile, the gutless Democrats sit back and whine and fail to challenge Mr. Bush where he's most vulnerable, and that's his record and performance on conservation and the environment.

On 12/31/2003 I posted an announcement from the EPA that the President will protect Tony Dean’s prized wetlands:
Mr. Leavitt emphasized that the impetus for the decision was President Bush's determination to preserve streams and wetlands. "At the root of this is a commitment from the Bush administration to achieve the goal of no net loss of wetlands," he said, adding that these waters "function as nature's kidneys" and "add immense value to economic and aesthetic bounties of this country."

Tony Dean will stop at nothing to mislead sportsman on politics. No wonder his popularity has been nose diving.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Not again Tony
Tony Dean has a post that hints at a repeat of his anti-gun 2002 performance:

Sen. Tom Daschle and John Thune will be fighting for the next year and I'd love to see wetlands become a campaign issue as they were in the Johnson vs Thune race.

Do you think Tony is going to promote Daschle as a strong Second Amendment supporter? Go ahead Tony…Make my day!
Daschle really desperate
The Hill has a report on John McCain’s plan to introduce a drug reimportation bill:

One House lawmaker said McCain and Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) would soon join forces on reimportation. But a McCain spokesman yesterday said he was unaware about a possible McCain-Daschle alliance, adding that there are no plans “at this point.”

A Daschle spokesperson did not return a phone call seeking comment.

Daschle must have forgot to say “pretty please”.
Before I continue this blog, I want readers to know that I am going to vote for John Thune. I think full disclosure is important, so people know where I am coming from.

Before everyone concludes that I am a strict conservative ideologue, please understand that the first 25 years of my political life was as a registered Democrat. It was in 1999, when Tom Daschle and the rest of the Senate Democrats refused to allow the public to hear the testimony of the witnesses in Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial that I decided to change my registration (unlike Tony Dean). Yes, I started my adult life out as a liberal. So I do understand the issues from the left.

Today a college buddy from USD during the seventies found my web site and emailed me. He asked, “What pissed you off?” My stepson saying he couldn’t be spanked because it was abuse and he learned it from school woke me up. The above mentioned impeachment trial reminded me of Watergate (the reason why I registered as a Democrat), except this time, the President did not resign…and Daschle supported the liar. Then Daschle supported Clinton’s attack on gun owners in the wake of Columbine. Yes…I am a pissed X-liberal.

Then today I got this email from a partisan Daschle supporter, Ryland L. Deinert of Vermillion:

You have to admit that Dick Wadhams is a hypocrite is[SIC] he campaigns against lobbyists and now is running the campaign of one. That is pure hypocrisy.

It is also hypocrisy to rail Ms. Daschle and then not realize that if one thinks it is wrong for a spouse of a politician to be a lobbyist then it is surely wrong for a candidate to be lobbying while campaigning.

Having attacking posts on your blogs about Linda Hall Daschle being a lobbyist and having a conflict of interest pales in consideration to Thune lobbying federal agencies (under the direction of his good buddy Bush) plus now he can and apparently will lobby the Senate. I believe Thune was quoted as saying, "I will continue to work for them, understanding the campaign will be somewhat demanding and I will have to balance those various responsibilities." Ryland

Ryland’s first paragraph on Dick Wadhams does have merit, but his second paragraph is way off the mark. There is a huge difference…Daschle is currently a member of Congress and John Thune is not. I am also confused about his third paragraph. Again Thune is not a member of the Senate...yet. Maybe he is buying the spin from the Daschle camp that Linda does not lobby the Senate. She doesn’t have to…her husband is one of its leaders.

Ryland has a problem with hypocrisy himself. On 1/10/2004, the Argus Leader ran his letter to the editor that promoted Tom Daschle’s negative attack against American pharmaceutical companies. How can you support an anti-American pharmaceutical guy who has financially benefited from his wife’s lobbying efforts for Shering-Plough without being a hypocrite?
Another Daschle tie to lobbying
FrontPageMagazine has a report today called “Cash-and-Kerry”. It is a comprehensive report of John Kerry’s wealth, which includes the marriage of one of the world’s wealthiest woman. Far-left Democrats like Kerry who attack the wealthy have to be hypocrites in order to look at themselves in the mirror. The report also includes this:

Another Kerry moneybags is former Texas Lt. Governor Ben Barnes, who during the same period ponied up more than $450,000 for the Massachusetts senator. This fatcat lobbyist, called by Tom Daschle “the fifty-first Democratic senator,” was so adroit as a fixer that he once cut a deal so that, after Texas enacted a state lottery, he and a partner would personally be paid 3.5 cents for every ticket sold – which added up to more than $3 million for them each year. Bill Clinton, a master at backroom money-grubbing, once reportedly told a group of Methodist ministers: “If you all will take a sinner like [Ben] Barnes, you might take me.”

I also witnessed Daschle’s attack against lobbyists for American Prescription Drug companies during his recent propaganda sweep across South Dakota. He then returns home to his wife in Washington DC who lobbied for Schering-Plough to have their patent on Claritin extended. Far-left Democrats like Daschle and Kerry have to be hypocrites in order to go home and look their wives in the face. No offense intended towards Mrs. Daschle…her husband is the hypocrite.
The issue of lobbying
The Argus Leader has a report on the issue of lobbying as it regards the 2004 South Dakota Senate race between John Thune and Tom Daschle. Here is an excerpt:

Hildebrand also points out that Thune is not running against Linda Daschle.

"It is certainly fair and expected that John Thune will attack Tom Daschle regularly. What will have to be asked is whether it is fair for John Thune and his friends to attack Tom Daschle's family if his family is not on the ballot."

Note that David Kranz contributed to this piece. I am not surprised to see the Hildebrand spin, who is turning the other side of the issue into an anti-Daschle attack. He is worried that the truth will make Daschle look bad.

Kranz will certainly do what he can to promote that spin and violate journalistic ethics by not providing full disclosure of facts that supports the lack of ethics for Daschle to financially benefit from his wife’s lobbying…whose success is dependent on her husband’s position in the US Senate. Not to mention the Linda’s clients, such as Boeing, making campaign contributions to Daschle’s re-election effort.

UPDATE: The Daschle v. Thune blog has posted more details on this lobbying issue.

The politics of abortion
The Baptist Press has a posting that provides more details behind HB 1191, the bill the bans abortion in South Dakota. Here is an excerpt:

"Our research and research from some other legal experts in the country has shown that indeed this is a new and novel approach to this issue," McCaulley said. "We're trying to frame the whole debate in terms of a [federal] Tenth Amendment argument, and that is that the federal constitution is silent on the issue of abortion, and under the Tenth Amendment this should be reserved to the states to decide and protect our citizens and unborn human life within our jurisdiction as we would see fit."

Then this comment was made in the piece:

Politically, South Dakota is diverse. While the majority of the members of the state House and Senate are Republicans and its governor is a Republican, its two senators in Washington are Democrats: Tom Daschle, the minority leader, and Tim Johnson.

If a judicial nominee has the same constitutional interpretation as McCaully, Daschle will lead a filibuster against bringing that nominee up to a vote in the US Senate with his sidekick Johnson bringing up the rear. Daschle does not believe that the state of South Dakota deserves to live by it’s principles, but must adhere to the far-left ideologues that hold the majority in the US Supreme court.

Monday, January 26, 2004

More HB 1191 coverage
Now the Baptish Press has a post on HB 1191, which bans abortion in South Dakota except when the heath of the mother is at peril. Here is the logic behind the bill as articulated by Matt McCaulley:

"Our research and research from some other legal experts in the country has shown that indeed this is a new and novel approach to this issue," McCaulley said. "We're trying to frame the whole debate in terms of a [federal] Tenth Amendment argument, and that is that the federal constitution is silent on the issue of abortion, and under the Tenth Amendment this should be reserved to the states to decide and protect our citizens and unborn human life within our jurisdiction as we would see fit."

Later in the report comes this:

Politically, South Dakota is diverse. While the majority of the members of the state House and Senate are Republicans and its governor is a Republican, its two senators in Washington are Democrats: Tom Daschle, the minority leader, and Tim Johnson.

If anyone has the same interpretation of the Constitution as McCaulley, Daschle will organize a filibuster in the US Senate to prevent that person from becoming a Judge.
Sibby questions local legislators
On Saturday, District 20 legislators were fielding questions in Mitchell. I asked for their position on HB 1191, which will ban abortion in South Dakota except for medical reasons. Democrat Mel Olson, who is the House Minority Leader, opposes the bill and the details of his comments is covered on the front-page of today’s Mitchell Daily Republic.

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