Saturday, February 21, 2004

HB 1191 Hoghoused
I just got back from Pierre where I witnessed the South Dakota Senate State Affairs Committee who Hoghoused HB 1191…the bill that would ban most abortions. What does Hoghoused mean? Even though HB 1191 passed the committee, it was amended so that it no longer bans most abortions.

How did the name Hoghoused originate? I don’t know, but it maybe its due to the stink that comes out of most hog houses.

There was a group in Pierre who say they were concerned that the Supreme Court would rule the bill unconstitutional and cost the State about one million in lawyer fees. Money became more important than giving equal protection to unborn life.

The 54 to 14 approval of HB 1191 by the House was overturned today by only 5 Senators in a 5 to 4 vote. This does exemplify what is wrong…a few overturning the will of many. This is the problem with the current Supreme Court.

This problem of judicial tyranny can be solved based on a Joseph Farah column, titled, “Impeach the 'Sodomy 6'”:

Impeachment of a Supreme Court justice is not without precedent. In 1805, Samuel Chase was impeached. Back in the 1960s, Lyndon Johnson's friend Abe Fortas was threatened with impeachment and resigned. It can happen again. It must happen again.

Some have written to me to tell me it is a hopeless crusade.

I tell you even if it fails, it is absolutely necessary to change the dynamic with regard to future court nominations. It's time to put the judicial activists on the defensive. It's time to get the country mobilized against a "living Constitution." It's time to awaken the nation to the absolute essential task of taking our court system back – from the top down.

Don't expect the politicians to lead this movement. It's up to you. Politicians don't lead, they follow. And they will follow you, America, if you rise up in righteous anger against this coup by the "Sodomy 6."

Friday, February 20, 2004

More media scrutiny
The Daschle v. Thune web site has a post regarding the even handed Rapid City Journal analysis of Daschle’s hypocrisy on the Iraq war. In the meantime, today’s Argus Leader has two David Kranz reports that are kind to Daschle. One is on the energy bill. The other is on the NRA asking its members to thank the Daschle and Johnson for their support on protecting gun dealers and manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits.

I sent this email to Kranz this morning (the first sentence demonstrates I hadn’t woke up entirely):

Your report on the NRA thanking Daschle for his position on[?] against lawsuits in
regard it[SIC] gun dealers and manufacturers was interesting. There were two points
that I think would have made it more interesting.

1) You did point out that some have accused Daschle of election year tactics.
An in-depth look at his voting record would have proved or disproved this. Hint…
it is the same votes that I sent you regarding Tim Johnson in 2002. Also see a
bill Daschle is sponsoring (S. 22). It includes regulations on gun shows.

2). There has been plenty said about Al Gore losing votes due to his stand on
guns(same as Daschle and Johnson in 1999 and 2000 and also current bill S.
22 ). The Democrats learned a lesson. Question…if they take the majority back,
will they go back to the positions they held when Clinton was in the White

Here is his response:
Thanks for the background. I checked the votes on the NRA site. Interesting shifts there.

I am told that the Argus Leader will be running my op-ed this Sunday, that details it's lack of reporting on Johnson’s voting record on guns in 2002, including the use of Tony Dean's smoke screen. Perhaps we should be expecting a more fair and balanced presentation on Daschle’s past actions regarding Second Amendment issues from the Argus Leader. Will we get it?

Thursday, February 19, 2004

South Dakota at the White House
WorlNetDaily has a report on today’s White House news briefing. WND asked presidential press secretary Scott McClellan about HB 1191, which bans most abortions in South Dakota:

WND: The South Dakota State House of Representatives has just overwhelmingly passed a bill to outlaw all abortions, except to save the mother's life, with no regard for her health or if she's a victim of rape or incest. My question, the first of two: Does the president agree with this? Or does he feel it would be much wiser to oppose partial-birth abortion alone, given the Kerry-Edwards' record on that?
McCLELLAN: No, I think the president's views are very well-known. The president is strongly committed to building a culture of life in America. This resident has taken – this president has taken steps to promote a culture of life in America. We worked to pass a ban on partial-birth abortion, which is a brutal procedure. The president has supported a number of efforts that will help build a culture of life.
WND: Does he support South Dakota?
McCLELLAN: He's stood up and opposed the cloning of human beings for reproductive or research purposes.

GFP plans to ban guns
The Argus Leader has a front-page report on the Game Fish and Parks plan to ban rifles in Minnehaha county:

Rifle hunting could be prohibited in all or part of Minnehaha County under a request being studied by the state Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

GFP is currently under fire in west river country for tactics that violate citizens? rights. Here is contact information to stop their tactics in east river:

What: A Game, Fish and Parks Department open house to discuss rifle restrictions in Minnehaha County.

When: 4 to 8 p.m. Feb. 26.

Where: The Outdoor Campus, 4500 Oxbow Ave.

More information: Call the GF&P at 362-2700

GFP plans to ban guns
The Argus Leader has a front-page report on the Gamae Fish and Parks plan to ban rifles in Minnehaha county:

Rifle hunting could be prohibited in all or part of Minnehaha County under a request being studied by the state Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

GFP is currently under fire in west river country for tactics that violate citizens’ rights. Here is contact information to stop their tactics in east river:

What: A Game, Fish and Parks Department open house to discuss rifle restrictions in Minnehaha County.

When: 4 to 8 p.m. Feb. 26.

Where: The Outdoor Campus, 4500 Oxbow Ave.

More information: Call the GF&P at 362-2700

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Tony Dean accused of misleading…again
Tony Dean has posted an email he received from one who lived in Alaska in regard to the logging in the Tongass National Forest: Here is an excerpt:

Yesterday I was watching your show on WDIO Channel 10
in Duluth, MN. I lived and worked in SE Alaska for
about 3 years and your salmon fishing scenes brought
back many memories. I had my own boat and fished
quite a few areas.

I was also sorry to hear the testimony from a young
fellow on the show who talked about the management of
the Tongass National Forest. I was surprised that you
would give this person air time when he knows so
little and is giving information so old that it is
untrue. So now you are responsible for your viewers
being grossly misinformed, indeed lied to about the
management of their public lands.

Here is Tony Dean’s lame response:
You suggested we left an untrue picture of the Tongass, but you do not say specifically where.

One of the people appearing on my show was a fisheries biologist who worked for the same US Forest Service you apparently worked for. His view is quite a bit different than yours. But then, I am gathering from your comments and his, that you are worried about timber production...and he is worried about salmon production.

As for the US Forest Service and their record on timber and salmon, we need only to look toward Oregon and Washington...and with that, I rest my case.

Hypocrite Tony Dean was the one who is not specific. As with the gun issue in 2002, Tony Dean will now screen responses to spin things into his opinion. The environmental extremists that frequent his web site will get overplayed.
Daschle aid blames lost clout on ricin
ThePigSite has a report on food industry’s plan for a voluntary country of origin labeling program. Here is an excerpt showing Daschle’s lack of clout and his aid’s lame excuse:

Justin LeBlanc, vice president for public policy at the National Fisheries Institute, said industry hopes to come up with a COOL program that's "voluntary yet accountable. Everyone is still working on the concept; it's a work in progress. We want to eliminate the mandatory program and develop a program that's more user-friendly."

Kara Flynn, spokeswoman for the National Pork Producers Council, said the NPPC is "committed to putting something together early this year." She said the COOL issue would be discussed at the trade association's annual meeting early next month.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) once again failed last week to introduce promised legislation to overturn the COOL moratorium. An aide said the ricin poison incident in a Senate office building early this month had created a severe backlog for Daschle.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Kranz’s column…outrageous
Today’s Argus Leader David Kranz column is unbelievable. His bias can be expected, but the comments regarding the ban on abortion and the characterization it poses for Governor Rounds has a serious flaw. First, here is his comment:

It places Rounds in an interesting position. He has been governing on pragmatic grounds rather than marrying himself to a philosophic label.

Signing this will change that middle-of-the-road image, and he probably will apply his signature if the proposal comes to his desk.

The common impression of the governor at the capitol in his first two sessions is that he has been able to make everybody happy and he get away with it.

But this bill brings with it political and religious implications that could change that image.

What might happen if he does not sign it? Does this Catholic governor get a similar message that Sen. Tom Daschle is said to have received from Bishop Robert Carlson of the Sioux Falls Catholic Diocese, saying he can no longer call himself Catholic?

Neither has acknowledged that such a communication took place.

Rounds also might face some political red flags raised by moderate Republicans who contend that passage of the legislation will cause problems for their party in the 2004 elections.

Some of those Republicans are particularly nervous because the bill would eliminate exceptions of rape and incest as allowances for abortion. That may cause them to lose support for their candidates by moderate Republican women who find those provisions important.

The flaw is the House 54 to 14 overwhelming vote of approval on HB 1191. The breakdown on the Republican ledger was 44 for and only 5 against, three of which were women…but 7 female Republicans and three Democrat women voted for it. More Democrats voted Yeah than voted Nay. How can Kranz say that the Governor’s signature will cause him to no longer be considered a moderate? As I posted a few days ago, in South Dakota pro-life is moderate.

What Kranz did not elaborate on was the position it places Democrats Tom Daschle and Stephanie Herseth in. Their pro-abortion position should be considered out of touch with South Dakotans. Those who are concerned about the constitutionality of this bill should ask Daschle why he continues to use abortion as a litmus test and then leads filibusters against pro-life judges. He is far more concerned about the far-left ideologues of his party than representing the will of the South Dakota people. Maybe he should be held accountable for the million dollars that South Dakota might pay to defend the lives of the unborn.

David Kranz did not bring out that point. He does have the right to his opinion, but that does not belong in the news section of the Argus Leader.
More Tony Dean anti-landowner deceit
Tony Dean has a post on his web site from a Tom De Chandt, Sgt., SDPD (ret) regarding the west river Game, fish and Parks controversy. Here is Tony Dean’s response:


Thank ya, little bro, and one of these days I'm gonna teach you how to hunt and shoot. But until the, the BB gun will have to do. Naw, seriously, we've seen the best side, which is the usual side of conservation law enforcement. Don McCrae is as good as they come and so are the guys under him, as well as the CO's all across the state.

The Argus called me today for a comment on the Harding Co. situation where all of this originated. I told Ben Shouse, a nice guy, there's no story here. All you hear is allegations, no specifics.


Note the ‘little bro’ comment. Unless there is a typo, Tony Dean’s real last name is spelled De Chandt. Second note is his reference to the Argus. The Ben Shouse story ran today on the Argus Leader front page. Here is a quote used in that report:

So, having earned a place here, a stockman also feels he has earned the right to say what happens on the land.

That might be the best explanation for a conflict that erupted here last fall, when about 50 Harding County ranchers declared half a million acres off-imits[SIC] to hunters following a dispute with the state Game, Fish and Parks Department.

The state is trying to smooth things over. But the Legislature also is taking up related issues that could deepen the conflict.

Predicting the outcome depends on understanding the players - a task that has baffled many outsiders. Even hunters who trek to this prime country each fall struggle to explain the group's fierce reaction.

"Even when I ask them, I can't put my finger on it," said Tony Dean, an outdoors radio and TV host from Pierre.

Tony Dean should try putting a finger on his mouth and then look into the mirror to understand the problem. Property owners are feed up with big mouths who think the government should have more and more control over our lives. Often times the Tony Dean cabal uses half-truths in an attempt to mislead their readers. Tony Dean is not willing to take a serious look at the truth. He and his cabal can’t even accept his real last name.

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